101 Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

With more businesses springing up in their thousands, sale of products and sets have indeed become more competitive. Business owners and advertisers, more than before, continue to churn out strategies and tactics to get their offerings into the minds and ultimately the pockets of existing and possible customers or clients.

The big companies allocate huge annual budget for their marketing campaigns; while small businesses tend to struggle to make themselves known in the market.

This trend, however, has forced thousands of small businesses to close shop, while others have gone the way of cheap or free publicity and promotion in order to keep cost at an all time low. You find them in online forums, blogs, pay-per-click, classified ads, banner exchange, social networking websites, online directories and already small business meetings.

I have painstakingly researched and compiled 101 marketing strategies the big companies use to publicize and promote their businesses. Surprisingly, as small business owners, we can make good use of them tool!

1. Use a direct mail campaign to sell your offerings

2. Send customized bulk SMS to your target audience.

3. Create a blog and start blogging.

4. Advertise in newspapers and magazines

5. Print and hand out quality business cards

6. spread corporate souvenirs

7. Write specialized articles on your products and sets.

8. Issue press releases in both the print and electronic media.

9. Advertise on billboards and street banners.

10. Sponsor or co-sponsor special events

11. Join social networking websites, e.g Facebook.com

12. Design a beautiful website for your business.

13. Join and participate in online forums, e.g Nairaland.com

14. Establish mutual community relationships

15. Target your audiences well

16. Attend trade fairs/exhibitions

17. Organize road shows

18. spread quality fliers

19. Paste quality posters

20. Have an efficient customer/client contact center

21. Offer discounts on your products/sets.

22. Do a documentary on your business

23. spread annual reports to your stakeholders

24. Be open to criticism

25. improvement a dress code for your employees

26. Use a consistent brand identity on all promotional materials.

27. Include contacts information on all outgoing communication.

28. proportion your statements of purpose and chief values with all stakeholders.

29. Treat your employees with respect & admiration.

30. begin corporate social responsibility programmes

31. keep up annual general meetings

32. Advertise on tv and radio

33. Organize facility visits for your stakeholders.

34. Give opportunity for customer feedback always.

35. Publish a house journal/newsletter regularly

36. Create events around new products and sets

37. Use in-store/open market characterize stands

38. Brand your vehicles

39. Use roll-up/pop up banners within your business premises and at important events.

40. Beautify your business premises

41. Partner with other businesses to sell your products/sets.

42. Recognize and appreciate loyal customers.

43. Use information of mouth always

44. Offer quality products/sets always

45. Covet and win awards for your company

46. Use a good trade/ brand name

47. Advertise on the internet

48. Re-brand your products/sets if necessary

49. Meet and discuss with other business people at events.

50. Ask your existing customers/clients for referrals

51. Request for written third-party endorsement for your products or sets.

52. continue an open communication policy with journalists.

53. Partner with you local and state governments on developmental issues/projects.

54. Publish a book/magazine

55. Establish branch offices at strategic areas

56. excursion a posh car (for Nigerians only!)

57. continue a high dress sense.

58. Use state-of-the-art office equipment

59. Have only intelligent employees on your payroll.

60. Only employees with good communication skills must answers phone calls and deliver corporate speeches.

61. Place and honour all statements of warranty on your products and sets.

62. Use beautiful packaging for your products.

63. Offer the best product/service at a reasonable price.

64. begin a market research for an existing or new product/service.

65. Use e-mail marketing

66. Embrace new technology

67. Smile always

68. Organize a press conference when necessary

69. Tailor your product/service offerings to different segments of your market.

70. Schedule a visit with possible clients/customers

71. Use a punchy slogan to excursion home your message

72. Pay a courtesy visit to traditional rulers, regulatory agencies, the media and other important publics.

73. Avoid lawsuits and respect the rule of law.

74. Put your customers first when formulating policies

75. Have an in-house public relations expert or consultant on your payroll.

76. Focus on delivering superior products/sets

77. Empathize with your clients/customers

78. Set new and challenging marketing goals regularly.

79. Recruit ad-hoc sales people for sales promotion

80. continue a non-discrimination recruitment policy

81. Manage your internal and external crisis well

82. Never speak ill of your target audiences

83. Submit your website to search engines and directories.

84. Submit your articles to article submission websites.

85. Position and re-position your products/service against your competitors.

86. Discuss pertinent but controversial issues over the media

87. Insist on quality printing work always.

88. Build excellent relationship with your target audiences

89. Offer free delivery service where applicable

90. Give customers the opportunity to buy and pay for your products on the internet.

91. Pay your creative department /agency well to do a quality newspaper, TV and radio advertisement for you.

92. Say “thank you” each time a customer or client patronizes you.

93. characterize your statements of purpose, beliefs and awards inside your business premises.

94. Keep and update a mailing list of your target audiences

95. Offer free sets as often as you can.

96. Provide a toll-free number for customer/client feedback.

97. Have customer relationship officers respond to enquiries on time.

98. Pay your taxes regularly.

99. continue a credit worthiness policy with your edges and other lenders.

100. Include a “identifying characteristics” (business information) in all your outgoing e-mail messages.

101. Invite me to speak with your employees or seminar audience on how they can use each of these strategies to publicize/promote your (or their) products/service effectively.

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