2 Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading (already If You Were a Stone Cold Skep…

2 Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading (already If You Were a Stone Cold Skep…

Maybe you are hard chief skeptic that ALL psychic stories are new age nonsense. Or maybe, like many others who will stumble on this article, you are already a true blue believer instead. in spite of of your doubt, or dogma, if you know where to get one, a GOOD psychic reading can change your life in more ways than I could possibly count.

Now I know that some of you are SO skeptical, and think that psychic abilities are IMPOSSIBLE, consequently there would be no value in getting a reading at all.

You’re probably saying, “how can a psychic reading POSSIBLY influence me as my mind is already firmly made up.”

I won’t argue that a good reading will convince you that psychic abilities are TRUE, like my experience more than 15 years ago did for me. (and the many similar ones since)

Instead, I will proportion with you what one of my closest friends, a lifetime skeptic, cynic and new age “de-bunker” shared with me AFTER speaking to a psychic medium I personally recommended, under circumstances that he was comfortable would make cheating impossible.

He said – “while I’m surprised how good it was and am really, really impressed…….it just makes me more disinctive how psychics can get information that seems impossible, and how our brains are wired to make that possible.”

I find it really, really interesting how some people are so committed to their beliefs, that already an experience that seems to suggest something different is true, only serves to make them want to find a way to re-enforce what they already thought is a fact! (this is very shared when it comes to controversial areas like psychics and the paranormal, and is called “cognitive dissonance” by those that study it closely!)

That said – here are 2 reasons to get a psychic reading TODAY, already if you think your mind is already made up.

1 – You BELIEVE in psychic abilities, think real readings are possible, and in addition have NEVER had an experience that has proven to you first hand, that it’s true.

My question? Why? If you truly believe psychics are real, why haven’t you truly sought out a real psychic to substantiate your position? I was a hard chief skeptic…..and a simple psychic reading changed my life forever. I never understand how folks who SAY they believe in psychic abilities, and who watch the TV shows, read the books and talk the talk, have never truly gotten a reading themselves firsthand!

2 – You are a Skeptic, Cynic and Think ALL Psychics are New Age Nonsense

I can relate to this position, because I used to believe it! But the irony is, while I believed this 100%, I never sought out to TEST my beliefs by talking to a well rated, reviewed or recommended reader. ( I simply relied on my own shared sense, and what I saw on TV, which I thought were well choreographed psychic scams)

To me, being a skeptic, and in addition NEVER having had a reading yourself is like saying I hate CHOCOLATE, or pizza… in addition never having tried or experienced either one of those foods.

One last thing…

in spite of of what you think is true, or believe at your chief… a psychic reading is interesting, enlightening, entertaining and a whole lot of FUN, already if it only re-affirms what you already thought was right! I’ve had hundreds of readings over the last 10 years, and as a writer, researcher and paranormal publisher, it’s now my FAVORITE part of my job bar none!

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