2008 Psychic Predictions

2008 Psychic Predictions

Predicting in the wake of a dispirited economy and a dying Bush Administration may be a rather contentious subject but the majority of our populace wants to know “just where we stand in 2008 here in the United States”. The following has been prepared to give you a few insights and perhaps an advantage on 2008 preparedness.

o The basic energy of 2008 is stability and strength in a ineffective and unstable U.S. economy. This sort of strength will be the hidden instigator of tensions and misunderstandings in all areas of everyday life. consequently look at the inner influence of any issue that may come up at work or home.

o It is a turbulent year in natural disasters particularly tidal groups, possibly a tsunami. It is not uncommon to see earthquakes and slides here in California but it is rather uncommon to see several distributed around the world all in one year. Good grief; the hurricanes are just wild next year.

o Global warming has long been a major concern world wide and finally the United States will become a team player in sustain of scientific efforts.

o Election years have always been exciting years for Americans. I am expecting to see many twists and turns in the upcoming elections before the Republicans give way to our new Democrat leader. There will be events in the world that leave us wondering if we will already have an election. Back in the year 1999 I had stated in my forecast, “in the first fifteen years of the new millennium a woman will be named President of the United States” Psychic predictions are not fixed and can be changed. We can certainly alter this one! The candidates all look promising and wow check out who Oprah is supporting- how cool is that!

o Inflation is global and very few countries can compete with industrious China but 2008 shows a positive change as industries begin to push complex sets, education, and manufacturing into those nations who have been of a disadvantage. Wages will slightly increase.

o The writers strike in Hollywood ends early in the year bringing much needed relief to all those in the industry and those dependent on them. In general the without of strong investors in 2008 weakens the Entertainment Industry. The literary world, however, will favor much better.

o It never ceases to amaze me what new discoveries will be unveiled each year in space. A new planet is one of those grand discoveries in 2008 in addition as an extraordinary discovery right here on earth as remains of an ancient being are uncovered. “Could this be proof of the existence of ET?”

o We have all suffered the character market in 2007 when thousands of home owners across America were doomed to foreclosures and bankruptcy. It will be a buyers market with fantastic real estate opportunities. Perhaps we can recoup some of our losses.

o The stock market will be slow and careful but steady. I don’t detect an all time low or high in 2008.

o Another profitable year is ahead for high tech and internet business.

Happy Holidays Everybody. Have a Blessed year.

Barbara Garcia

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