3 Main roles of the Umbilical Cord

3 Main roles of the Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord plays a main role during the pregnancy since it connects the developing fetus to the mother. It plays three main roles to the developing fetus. The first function is that it is to supply the oxygen, deliver the nutrients, and also help to withdraw blood which is depleted in nutrients and high in carbon dioxide.

Historically, umbilical cord is developing from two separate fetal origins. This cord is contained in the allantosis and also the yolk sack. This condition causes the fetal tissue to form the allantosis and the yolk sack. consequently, they are thought as a part of the fetus.

Then, what are the roles of umbilical cord? Mainly, it has three different roles. The first function is that it is able to serve the fetus a blood source. It is very important since the fetus is not able to breathe. It does not have either functioning lungs or an oxygen source. Also, it serves the fetus oxygen by the blood to serve the life of the fetus.

The second main function of the umbilical cord is that it is to serve the fetus a nutrients source such as proteins, calories, and fats in addition. In addition, it is also able to serve the nutrients and also vitamins.

The last function of this cord is that it is able to move the deoxygenated and waste products away out of the fetus. It transfers those substances to the maternal circulation in which they can be processed and then excreted.

Then, what are the features that umbilical cord has? Basically, it is made of a substance which is known as Wharton’s Jelly, connective tissue or skin. It carries some features such as one vein which has two arteries and oxygenated blood. The vein of the umbilical goes along the way to the liver of the fetus. Here, it splits become two parts. One part of this vein is to supply the blood to the hepatic poral vein. It works to supply the blood to the liver. The other one is called as the ductus venosus. It is supply the blood to the whole human body of up 80%. It allows the vital nutrients such as oxygen to flow all over the fetus.

Umbilical cord is the main defining characterize for all mammals. In human, it is commonly severed after birth. however, most of the mammals are without of the surgical equipment and dexterity to manage this cord. Animals have different ways of coping with it. Some of them chew it off and some others let it dry and decompose naturally.

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