3 Psychic Feelings That EVERY Genuine Clairvoyant or Medium Has During Your Reading

3 Psychic Feelings That EVERY Genuine Clairvoyant or Medium Has During Your Reading

What are the most shared psychic feelings? Do real psychics, mediums and clairvoyants see strength ball numbers, or lottery signs or already times and dates of death during a reading… or is that all a bunch of new age nonsense and a misunderstanding of how psychic abilities REALLY work?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 3 very shared psychic feelings that most authentic clairvoyants experience, and dispel a few shared myths and misconceptions in addition. disinctive to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance

The most shared kind of psychic ability is falls into the different specific types of clairvoyance… already though they technically have different meanings and often are considerably different from psychic to psychic. Clairvoyance, as a general and general term simply method “clear seeing” and is the overarching term used to describe much of what psychics do. Clairaudience usually refers to the ability of hearing or having an auditory experience during a reading. For example? A psychic detective may use clairaudience to hear a victim’s cries for help… or the perpetrator confess to the crime. A clairaudient may hear your loved one in spirit communicating with you… where a clairsentient may FEEL the love they have for you instead. While clairvoyance is usually used as a general brush term, in truth… it’s FAR from one simple feeling that applies to all who have extraordinary gifts.


Quite simply, precognition refers to the ability to see the future, or to sense events before they happen. We ALL have some precognitive abilities and there is an unending argue about whether precognition has been proven, what it method, and whether believing that the future is “fixed” method we’re all actor and actresses on a stage, playing out a grand show NOT of our own design.

That aside, precognition is something that many psychics have clearly demonstrated with uncanny accuracy, and many of my own readings and research have proven to be beyond any slender shred of doubt that a good precognitive reader CAN see many of the events in MY life well before they happen. (and I’ve had numerous jaw dropping examples of this in addition)


Believe it or not, this is the hallmark skill of ANY good psychic, medium, intuitive or clairvoyant in the world, and however… we hear about being an attribute only very rarely. The simple truth is, being able to authentically empathize or understand the emotional feelings, fears, concerns and worries of another human being is an incredible gift. Being able to help others by genuine care, concern and emotional connection is truly the greatest way to serve, and some of the best, brightest and most shining example of this skill has been demonstrated by many of the amazing psychics, mediums and intuitive’s I’ve been blessed to meet, write about, research and study.

Remember, the stereotype of a psychic picking lottery numbers or telling you when you will die is NOT true. It’s not how authentic psychic abilities manifest, and thankfully… isn’t the kind of thorough feeling that most specialized readers bring to their work in addition!

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