3 Ways to Use Rapport in Mind Reading & Mentalism Tricks

Having rapport with your audience is a must. I’ve laid out 3 ways you can use it to enhance your mind reading performance. What is rapport? Rapport is a relationship. A pleasant feeling of mutual trust, affinity and friendship established by verbal and non-verbal method.

When performing to people you don’t know, whether they accept you or not is an important factor in whether to effect will do down well or not. There’s nothing worse than performing to someone who doesn’t like you and wants you to fail. This can bring your mind reading performance to come crashing down and leaving you with a red confront. To make your mentalism and mind reading tricks really successful you need the audience on your side. To get them on your side you need gain rapport with them. I’ve listed 3 great ways to gain rapport.

Mirroring Body Language – a great way to gain report non-verbally is by mirroring the body language of the volunteer. Mirroring is basically copying what the other person is doing with regards to how you are seated, stood, where your hands rest, whether you are cross-legged, slouched, up-right etc. Now you don’t want to make this too obvious so a great way to casually mirror the other person is just with small movements that mimic their hand gestures. When they scratch their head – you scratch etc.

Use The Same Words – another good way to gain rapport with someone is to copy their dialect, slag or metaphors. You will find when speaking with people that they will use the same words and dialect to describe things. A great way to gain rapport is by using the same words confidently when speaking with them.

Match their voice – this is a more progressive strategy and it’s used by copying their tone of voice and their rhythm of speech. Some people talk quietly and with a fairly fast rhythm. It’s your job to copy them without being someone you’re not. If you are a loud and outgoing person and you are dealing with someone who is an introvert and fairly quiet. Take your lively ways a notch down or two. This will gain rapport with them in which you can then slowly get back to being who you are and they will follow suit comfortably.

These tips merely touch the surface on gaining rapport with someone but is a good starting point for any mind reader or mentalist.

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