5 Steps on How to Become an Internet Radio great number!

5 Steps on How to Become an Internet Radio great number!

What is required to become an Internet Radio great number?

  • You should have a great personality
  • You should be the kind of person that can keep up someones attention
  • You should have something to say that people want to hear
  • You should have a passion for speaking
  • You need to interact with your listeners

To captivate an audience on radio is no small task. Just think about it for a minute, to get not one but many people to put their lives on pause to listen to what you have to say is an extraordinary task. It’s like you hypnotize your audience and they are just stuck on in any case you have to say for the next thirty (30),sixty (60) or One-Hundred and Twenty (120) minutes.

Step 1 Find an Internet Radio stop to great number Your Show.

You will need to find an Internet Radio stop that will sell you broadcasting time. That’s right. You will have to buy the air time. But, unlike traditional land radio, it is not that expensive. Radio time is usually sold in blocks.

You should also check out the Radio stop in addition. You will need to find out

  • What kind of stop are They. If they are a Country and Western stop and you are a Blues DJ that probably is not a good fit.
  • Do they have a talk show format? Do they have any talk shows on their stop?
  • Are they a twenty-four hour stop? Will they schedule you at three o’ clock in the morning?
  • What is their blocking time like? If you wanted a two hour show 5 days a week would you be able to buy that same time Monday by Friday?

Step 2 Format, Topic and kind of Show

Your show format is going to determine what kind of show you will have and how many listeners that you will receive. You should be broadcasting something that people want to hear. Some formats that you could have would be

  1. Political talk Shows
  2. Sports Talk Shows
  3. Health and Wellness talk shows
  4. Religious talk shows
  5. Music shows ( just pick a Genre that you like)

You will need an interesting topic to keep listeners attention such as:

Interviews with recent newsmakers or local politicians

Controversial issues (the economy, crime, global warming, education, etc.)

Interviews with book authors (who always want publicity)

Ridiculous things that really happened to you or a friend

Music parodies and Internet memes

Sex & relationships (keep it clean)

Health and fitness advice

Step 3 Should you have a Co-great number?

Having a co-great number is a great idea. It gives you someone to talk to when callers are slow. A co-great number can provide a different point of view, or already a completely opposite one. Listeners love to hear co-hosts squabble! Just make sure your co-great number is someone you respect, and whom you’re happy to disagree with. A co-great number can also take over when you get sick, or go on vacation. In other words, two talking heads are better than one.

Step 4 Promoting Your Show.

Before you already start the show, talk to people who would be interested in listening. Talk to friends in your social, political, or religious groups, and tell them in improvement where and when you’ll be on. If a group has your ideal listener, visit it! Also, write a press release and send it to local newspapers – and a number of others freebie papers. Some hosts also continue a website, sponsor local events, advertise in local newspapers, or put up signs along major roadways.

Some Internet Radio Stations will run teasers (short radio ads promoting your show) in improvement of your new show, characterize your profile and picture on a show great number page, and link to your website. What works really depends on your audience – just ask yourself where your audience gets information and reads ads!

Step 5 Selling Advertising on your Show.

Getting people to advertise on your show is how you will make money. Since you are buying your time from the Internet Radio stop, you can take blocks of that time and sell it to local merchants, Advertising on the radio doesn’t have to average the traditional 60-second identify with a silly jingle.

Ideally, advertisers should include a special offer obtainable only to your listeners, since that would help them measure how effective their ads are. You could truly make a nice piece of money off of the advertising alone.

The popularity of a radio great number is based upon how many listeners that they are able have tune into their show every time it is on. The more listeners that you have will show a Radio stop or Advertisers how popular that you are.

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