6 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Online Induction Into Business Syst…

6 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Online Induction Into Business Syst…

All employers need to keep detailed records of their staff, including all work-related personal information. In the past, some employers became used to using manual systems to record and store this information and then, as their companies grew, installed automated payroll systems and separate accounting systems resulting in a conglomerate of manual and computer-based applications.

With the introduction of government compliance legislation, especially in the area of occupational health and safety, addressing the legal requirements of employers required a more complex outlook.

These days it is simple shared sense to have all records computerised, making them easy to retrieve for reporting purposes and easy to keep up-to-date as employees’ circumstances change. Accurate record-keeping is time-consuming but an automated system pays benefits when the need arises to provide a report to management, especially in the case of accidents.

Staff training fits into the same category and it is now regarded as a simple matter to incorporate training into an online system along with new employee induction programs.Manual systems are cumbersome, costly and inefficient, but when incorporated into existing systems such as payroll and HR, the operation becomes much easier.

Here is a summary of why integrating online induction into existing business systems will assistance your company:

  • It is easier to fulfil occupational health and safety obligations and ensure legal and regulatory compliance and employee safety. All employers need accurate records to track, demonstrate and report that induction has been completed and to locate which employees are certified to perform specific responsibilities or use particular machinery.
  • All staff records are closest updated and can be shared across departments, cutting down communication needs. For example, between payroll and accounting areas of your business.
  • Younger employees who are more media savvy respond positively to online induction processes. It is easy to deliver a specialized and imaginative training session in an online ecosystem where multimedia presentations are easily presented.
  • Up-to-date messages from management and supervisory staff can be included in the induction program so that new employees become aware not only of roles and company structure, but also of the culture into which they are being inducted. In this way, a consistent approach to the company ethos can be presented to all staff.
  • In high risk industries like construction, it is easy to clarify staff that are obtainable for deployment after training or induction has been completed. This is also the case where contractors are used across various sites to ensure that each one is properly trained in the responsibilities they are required to perform.
  • Online induction programs can be delivered by building your own system or by purchasing pre-prepared course material. typically, your existing course material can easily be incorporated into purchased systems too.

An online induction system shows both your employees and your customers that you have a complex approach to the management of your business and the development of your staff – your meaningful asset.

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