7 EASY Ways to Get Your First Psychic Reading

7 EASY Ways to Get Your First Psychic Reading

Let’s take a few minutes and discuss some of the various ways to find a psychic or medium – either local to you, or that is easy to reach to you in a functional and comfortable way. Remember, just because a reader is close and functional, however… it doesn’t necessarily average that the experience is going to be good. (or visa versa – sometimes you have to extend yourself a bit to have a really extraordinary experience, and the same applies to the spiritual field in addition)

That said – all of the tips below are easy, affordable (as long as you keep cost conscious) and are tried and true techniques for the true blue believers, in addition as the disinctive… but not convinced:-)

Join a Meetup

Every city, and state has spiritual meet ups that cater to the psychic exploration community and in all likelihood,you will NOT have trouble finding one near you. (depending a bit on where you live and how large your community is, you may find you need to excursion a bit to get there, but for most of our readership, this is a good option) Check out meetup.com and simply use their search function to psychic and spiritual meet ups that are geographical functional for you.

Join a Spiritist church or organization

Spiritist churches (and spiritualist churches, similar focus, different organizations) both provide access to spiritual mediums as part and parcel of their “prayer” course of action. Some areas have more of these churches than others, but most big cities will have one near… and NO, you don’t need to change your inner religious beliefs to join. (or to have some crazy cool experiences with some very special mediums, at fraction of a fraction of the price you’d pay to see a real “celebrity” reader in addition)

Referrals and friends

Referrals and recommendations keep one of the BEST ways to find good, experienced and reputable psychics and mediums. You may have to push and prod a bit… as sometimes our friends and family don’t want us to know that they’ve seen or spoken to a psychic or a medium. (something I always find silly… but it amazes me how many people will try to minimize the idea, until they later are comfortable enough to let in they’ve had the experience, and it moved them deeply)

Online directories

Of course we are prejudiced because THIS is our online psychic directory..:-) But a good, reputable directory that lists psychic and spiritual professionals in your locale or geographic area is a great way to find local help, and with sites like this one, and already other local directories that cater to more generalized audiences, you’ll find great “gems” in the spiritual marketplace that are well worth exploring.


Be careful – but Craigslist CAN be a great place to find affordable local readers Don’t give your credit card information out over the phone to a stranger, and DO do some due diligence first, but there are many authentic psychics and mediums who advertise on Craigslist because it’s free and popular, and we’ve had some good experience finding some quality readers to write about from online classifieds like CL.

Review Sites

Again – be careful as many psychic review sites are scams, (and are written by marketers and NOT mediums) but you can find local review directories like Yelp and similar to help you find highly rated and reviewed psychics and mediums where you live, work and play.

TV and print media

Lastly, don’t underestimate the TV, or local magazines (especially if you live in a bigger metropolitan area) in addition as any and all other media that has a section on lifestyle for the spiritual set. For example, I found one of my favorite mediums ever from a profile written in a local magazine, and one of my closest friends swears by a medium she found who does local astrological charts for a small town newspaper.

(but whose focus is NOT astrology, but rather… her seemingly incredible intuitive ability and her consistent track record of providing evidential information from the other side… to ALL of my friends skeptical and cynical peers, friends and family)

Remember – if you are seriously looking for a fun, evidential and entertaining psychic reading – stick to a budget – do a bit of due diligence – DON’T over analyze or waste weeks looking for perfection, and simply dive in and indulge your curiosity. (if you are anything like thousands of our own readers over the years… it’s a decision that COULD change what you believe forever)

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