7 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

A love story that lasts forever is what all women want. But in most situations, we find our partners showing disinterest and pulling away from us. While there is not one particular reason why men pull away, it is a good idea to clarify the shared ones and see if it fits the bill in individual situations. Pin pointing the reason and working on it could save the relationship.

1. Space problem: By space we don’t average space in the wardrobe or the couch. It method breathing space which each and every individual craves. If a man feels stifled, he will pull away faster than you realize. So, give your man the kind of space that you too like to have and watch him keep loyal to you for as long as you want.

2. Boring relationships: The worst part of a relationship is that after some time the excitement evaporates. We get too condescending about it and forget to nurture it. Couples lose interest in each other and conversation and physical aspect of the relationship dwindles. This is a major reason why men pull away.

3. Over possessive women: Women are near perfect except the fact that they can be very possessive about their stuff, including their men. And the bad news is that men do not like it at all. already men can be very territorial at times but it has been found that women truly enjoy this, unlike men.

4. Criticize with care: And that too only if you have to. If you go on and on about his habits, his mannerisms and his mistakes, he will block you out. Nothing harms a relationship more than negative criticism. Nobody likes to be reminded of his drawbacks day in and day out. Draw and line here and remember never to criticize in public.

5. Getting along with his friends: This is a vital point with most men and a valid reason why men pull away. He may find you to be perfect for him but if you cannot get along well with his friends, he doesn’t mind sacrificing you.

6. Nurturing sex: Initially the sex might have been terrific but lately you may have lost some interest. Men attach a lot of importance to sex and like things to be lively. This is one area that you cannot be too condescending about.

7. Publicity: Men are not very public about anything that they consider to be private. Women have a inclination to make public already the most private of things. The consequence is a contention that is difficult to dissolve. If you have to talk to your friends, then remember to neglect out the parts which he wouldn’t like you to discuss. Privacy is valuable to him and you ought to respect his feelings.

While there are many reasons why men pull away, these reasons are more shared in relationships. If you truly love your man, then do not let him go away from you. Rectify the mistakes that you may have been making and work on the relationship with care.

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