7 Tips to Encourage Regular Blog Posting

7 Tips to Encourage Regular Blog Posting

Writing a blog post about the importance of regular blog posting, is something I have wanted to do for some time. Upon examination as to why I had not done so, the following interesting thoughts came under scrutiny. My hope is that by sharing with you what I am doing or not doing, you will be promoted to post more frequently to your own blog.

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

I’d rather have one good idea and the time/energy to implement it, than 100 good ideas that never see the light of day. I was so excited about the possible of blogging as a way to express my interests and learn so much more about our world, that I went out and set-up about a dozen blogs. Yes, that is just like something I would have done as a child. I remember trying to open up all the Christmas presents at the same time. Guess I liked the “rush” I got from all the excitement or something, but don’t do as I did. Rather, set up one blog at a time so all of your hard work will supplement itself. Focus your energy towards one blog and do that one blog very well.

2. Regular posting is more important than high frequency!

Here is where I have become so dissatisfied with my own efforts. We all have read about how regular blog posting can help our SEO and page ranking placement, that a regular writing schedule encourages loyal readers and that writing good blog content is vital to our blog’s success….but we don’t do it. My number one adversary is trying to do too much all at the same time (see #1 above). My number two enemy is thinking everything I write must be perfect. Well, life is not perfect and our blog posts need not be in addition. Our posting valuable content that is regular in frequency is what is important. Just don’t do a sloppy job and be sure to check for good grammar and spelling.

3. Build a regular writing schedule!

I just finished reading a blog post that suggested the idea of adhering to a regular writing schedule. What a great idea! Except that the get-up-and-go to write blog posts seems to come at uncommon or awkward times. May I suggest that you try to schedule a specific time of day or day of the week to write? For me, I am going to start getting up an hour earlier every morning for the purpose of writing while I enjoy my morning coffee. And, I am going to schedule regular time each weekend where I plan to work developing my blog posts. Setting the time aside is what seems to be important. I’ll let you know how it worked.

4. Choose topics for the next day!

Write your post ideas and topics down at the very moment you think of them. Carry a blank 3X5 card folded over in your wallet or purse and write down a information or two so you will remember your thinking later that day. Start a file of 3X5 cards that you can review whenever you need to locate something to write about. Do this every time you have that “good idea” and you’ll see a steady rise in your timely blog posts.

5. Develop regular features for fun!

Another good idea I gleaned from doing research on this topic is to create a regular characterize for your blog that might be funny, uncommon or entertaining. You might try to find a picture, cartoon or video to join your blog posts to keep readers coming back for more of what you have to write. Plus, having a regular characterize to write may truly increase the frequency of your blog posts!

6. Under potential and over deliver!

I sometimes get so frustrated that my blog posting is not regular, that my feeling bad about it really hinders the nerve to write. Does this happen to you? Don’t get caught-up in the trap of telling your readers you are going to write daily or weekly and then you find that you can’t make it happen. Rather, tell them you will post twice a week or twice a month and then post more frequently. I tend to let my generally “positive attitude” get in the way of the real consequences of what happens, and over potential all the time. Try to “over deliver” instead!

7. Have someone or something manage you!

Find the kind of a friend who you can ask to check in on you, to set a schedule to see that you have made an effort to complete your writing work as scheduled. Set your computer or cell phone calendars to remind you that a blog post is coming due. Use post-it notes! Deadlines are good to make and once you get accustomed to meeting them, your blog posting frequency will increase.

So, go out there and write up some grand and bright posts for those blogs. Refer back to these tips often and watch the frequency of your blog posting enhance. Be sure to get back to me. I’d be interested to hear from each of you!

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