Accent Reduction Classes/Communication Skills Training Using Skype

In recent years, distance learning via the Internet has become almost a way of life, both in our specialized and personal lives. We communicate with people from all over world using either telephone conferencing or video conferencing. Chatting with friends and family members, conducting business meetings, earning a degree, meeting someone new from an online dating service, and providing instruction in almost any field obtainable are just a few of the benefits of using the technology that the internet provides.

Why is choosing Skype’s video conferencing on the internet to enhance your communication skills? What are the benefits? In this article, we will be taking a look at the reasons video conferencing classes are becoming so popular with people from all walks of life.

1. Skype is free!

The videoconferencing software, Skype, is free to download on any computer: whether it be a PC or Mac. In today’s world, we are all looking for the most cost effective way to interact with others, and it doesn’t get any better than free!

2. Skype provides three methods of communication to meet everyone’s needs.

Once you install Skype on your computer, you can communicate with people on your contact list using a variety of methods: audio only, video conferencing, and text chat. Videoconferencing is most like confront-to-confront, because you have the luxury of seeing and hearing the person you’re speaking with. Most of the people I work with prefer the video conferencing characterize over in-person classes. There are a few individuals who prefer audio conferencing over videoconferencing, as video conferencing is more threatening than audio alone. Skype has something for everyone!

3. You have the option of private or group classes with Skype.

Skype provides you with the option of having a private class where you would work directly with me alone, or a small group class with up to four people.

While Skype provides both private and small group options, almost all of the people I work with prefer private classes. The main reason for preferring a private class is that most people do not want to be corrected in front of others, as it makes them feel self-conscious and embarrassed. They are much more comfortable working directly with an instructor.

4. Skype’s video conferencing is high quality..

Because Skype provides good quality videoconferencing, there is usually no delay between the movements and speech. sometimes, if a person does not have a fast enough Internet connection, the videoconferencing characterize of Skype may not be an option. In this case they may need to change to the audio only characterize on Skype or use the telephone. From my experience in working with hundreds of people, there is no difference between the improvement rates for individuals using video conferencing versus audio.

5. Working on the Internet allows me to work with people from all over the world.

Skype uses the Internet for video and audio conferencing, making it easy to reach for all individuals, in spite of of their location. This is a huge advantage! The only the only time that the Internet would not be appropriate for classes is if the student does not have the Internet or has a very slow Internet connection. The other consideration is the difference in time zones. Care must be taken to make sure that the time zones are correctly identified for each person, so that classes can be scheduled appropriately.

6. Having classes using videoconferencing is very functional.

Today’s professionals work long hours and often travel frequently for work projects. Because there is no travel time associated with having classes via Skype, you can position to take classes whenever it is functional for you: at work in a conference room, at home before or after work, or already at a hotel if you are on a business trip. These options make taking classes using Skype very functional.

In summary, we are all busy with our day-to-day lives, and free time is precious. Because there is so little downtime, we are always looking for functional ways to schedule activities and classes without them becoming a burden. In today’s society with our high technology, Skype video conferencing software provides the solution for us. For accent reduction classes and communication skills training, it is the perfect way for individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds to minimize additional time away from family or work. It’s nice to know that you are just a click away from taking a class to help you unprotected to your goals in spoken English!

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