Affiliate Marketing – 5 elements You Need to Be an Affiliate Marketer (For the Beginner)

Affiliate Marketing – 5 elements You Need to Be an Affiliate Marketer (For the Beginner)

Affiliate Marketing is an ideal stepping stone for anyone to kick start your internet marketing business. You don’t have to be a genius or a internet savvy to be an Affiliate Marketer.

5 elements you need to be an Affiliate Marketer:

1) Affiliates

2) Squeeze page

3) Domain Name

4) Hosting

5) Autoresponder


The first question that will pop up to you mind is “Where can you find an affiliate products?” There is wide range of Affiliate Directories obtainable online nowadays. Just to naming a few; ClickBank, CJ and many more. All you have to do is go the website and find the ‘Sign Up’ button. After which, you can then find any product that you want to promote.

Squeeze Page

Having the product that you have from the Affiliate Directories, will make you ask the second question ” Ok, now what?”. The answer is simple, you need a Squeeze page! Squeeze Page is a one page website that will simply ask for the customer’s name and email address and that will create a list of subscriber for your affiliate products.

Domain Name

You will need a Domain name to setup your Squeeze page (Website). Domain name acts like a ‘shop’. buy your Domain name from the net. Nothing is free you need to use to be high. It does not cost much, estimating about US$5-US$9 per month.

Purchasing you domain name is easy but finding the right name for your domain is a brainstorm.


After you had your domain name, you must have a Hosting to great number your domain name. Hosting act like a ‘mall’ that have your ‘shop’ in it. Again, you have to buy your hosting.

Costing about US$9-US$25 per month obtainable online.(eg. Hostia) Set you domain name to your great number.


“So where doesn’t all your subscriber goes to after they had go into their name and Email in your squeeze page?” They will be autoresponsed by an automated email. Which is also easily obtainable on the net such as Getrespond and many others. There you can send as many automated emails you want to your Subscribers.

As easy as ABC just sign Up! Remember to set the setting to your hosting.

After you got all the elements ready, you just need to setup the pieces together and your money making machine is there to function for you 24/7!

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