Am I Psychic? Exploring Astral Travel and The Evidence for Genuine Psychic Powers

Am I Psychic? Exploring Astral Travel and The Evidence for Genuine Psychic Powers

Am I psychic? What psychic abilities are already possible to analyze? Does “being psychic” average I can see or read the future? And what psychic exercises are obtainable to TEST my abilities….without doing anything dangerous, dubious or already downright WEIRD? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what it method to be psychic….and how simple exercises like astral travel and induced OBE experiences MAY be the very best evidence we have that psychic abilities are true!

Is everybody psychic?

Good question…and the answer depends on who you ask, AND what you average by psychic in addition. Many scientists now believe that what we refer to as “special” psychic abilities are really simply latent talents, and “powers” that everybody possesses, and activating them is simply just a matter of practice.

For example?

far away viewing, for example… something that just about anyone can do with practice. The US government, and our own military has trained civilians to become psychic in this way, with amazing results. Astral travel, or induced out of body experiences, are one of the very BEST ways for ordinary people to get first hand evidence that you are MORE than your physical body, and have psychic gifts that transcend where your physical senses end.

What is astral projection and HOW is it related to psychic ability?

Great question. Astral travel simply refers to having the sense that your “self” is OUTSIDE of your physical body, and your consciousness is NOT “local” or inside of yourself. In this state, many people are able to observe, record and track information happening from a great distance from themselves…..offering evidence that there is a “MIND” that is able to access stuff that would seemingly be impossible if you believe your BRAIN is running the show. The psychic form of consciousness believes that the brain acts as a FILTER, and processes information that lives in the universe, instead of generating it. For example – your brain is like the TV, but the actual SHOW that your TV plays when you turn it on is NOT coming from inside of it at all. (rather it’s being broadcast from an outside “channel” and your TV just plays the images it gets)

That sound WAY to complicated?

Don’t worry about it! The truth is, psychic ability is a natural byproduct of simply being alive. And opening yourself up to the MAGIC and the mystery of the world around you, and understanding that one day ALL science will understand that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, instead of the other way around…:-)

You CAN include all of this today with purpose and passion and PRACTICE and have the time of your life while doing it, in addition!

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