Are Free Psychic sets Good? 3 Reasons Why I Always Avoid Free Psyc…

Are Free Psychic sets Good? 3 Reasons Why I Always Avoid Free Psyc…

In this article we are going to take a detailed look at free psychic readings and sets…and why I personally avoid them when I feel the psychic itch! But make no mistake….free psychic ads, offers and sites are cropping up all over the place in 2010, and in my view, this is a really bad thing for the industry overall.

And in truth…there are truly MORE searches are done by customers like you and I for FREE psychic readings than just about every other kind of psychic service or offer, COMBINED! In other words, more of us want (and expect) a completely free reading to help us fix our problems, solve our “woes” and point us in the proper path than the smaller (and smarter..:-) minority who are ready, willing and able to PAY for substantial psychic advice, counseling and authentic help.

And to be honest with you…that’s always sort of troubled me! Why? Because as someone who has written about psychic readings, research and occurrences for many years (almost 20) it astounds me that so many people don’t recognize, and respect genuine psychic’s for the rare professionals that they are, and more importantly, I think that so many “free” psychic sets make the whole industry look bad to boot. Don’t understand why? Let me explain a bit further below!

3 Reasons Why Free Readings Should Be Avoided:

1 – Free RARELY really method free!

Or said differently, unfortunately many of the free psychic sets use bait and switch style sales tactics that I don’t believe are fair, or honest. If you think about it, NO psychic service can adjust to free readings for long. So they use the allure of the information “free”, and some underhanded methods of “roping” you in to the reading, and then use various up sell techniques to transform you into a paying customer.

I simply find this is bad for the business overall, and much the way a lawyer, or doctor, or carpenter couldn’t get away with advertising for “free” only to push you to pay thereafter, (they’d get in trouble!)I don’t believe it’s the right thing in OUR industry in addition.

2 – Free is almost NEVER Good!

The readings, in my experience, are not real. They are canned, scripted and not genuine. I know that people don’t want to hear that, but it’s true…and I’ve personally had just about every sort of psychic experience under the sun! (from free, to low cost to celebrity style readings that cost several thousand dollars in addition!) The truth is, you wouldn’t go into your place of employment and do your job for nothing….and neither will any self respecting, authentic psychic, clairvoyant or medium either.

3 – Free feeds into skeptical stereotypes that make ALL of us look bad

And that includes the readers, and customers and clients alike. You NEVER hear too much bad stuff about the really highly paid, very skilled psychics who work for TV, or big time celebrities, or big Wall Street Moguls, either. (I was just reading about one who charges 10,000 per MONTH to be on retainer…and is endorsed by major Hollywood celebrities we all know)

What we DO hear negative stuff about, however…are the “fake” psychics who pretend to offer real readings, and instead, just satisfy into the stereotype that psychic are silly, and that there is no TRUTH behind the concept that real readers (and readings) are obtainable to those of us who want them. (not true!)

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