Battery Doctor Saver Android App Source Code.

Battery Doctor Saver Android App Source Code.


This application provides the best features to save the battery time of your phone or tablet. Whenever battery runs low or goes down too much then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode.


  • This app provides three types of Mode to save your battery when runs low.

1. GENERAL MODE: (Suggested to use in lowest Battery position)

  • Mobile data active
  • Wifi off

2. SLEEP MODE: (Suggested to use when you sleep)

Turn off connections


  • Easily customise all the modes depend on your usage to save battery as much as you need.
  • Can adjust the battery saving setting freely depending on your need and usage.
  • Can adjust Wifi and mobile data


Only have Android Studio


  • Set up:
  • Download the Source code
  • Extract the folder
  • Open Android Studio
  • Click on “Open an existing Android Studio project”
  • Wait for the gradle is loaded And Run

Happy Coding!!!

You can replace the old image name from Drawable folder with new images.

sustain via Skype, only to import the project and indicate the location of files

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