Beautiful Cyprus Villas For Sale

Beautiful Cyprus Villas For Sale

Buying that place in the sun is nevertheless a very affordable option for investment or as your personal holiday home and Cyprus villas make the perfect choice. Buying character oversea has never been easier than it is right now and thousands of people are at last realizing their holiday home dreams. Cyprus is ideal for this kind of character investment for a whole large number of reasons and top of the list is the glorious Mediterranean climate. The Island boast over 320 days of sunshine every single year, the author wrote this article in October and it was nevertheless 31c on the East coast. The winters are real short too if you can call minimum temperatures of 17c a winter at all and the sea stays warm enough to swim in until the end of November.

More and more Brits are buying beautiful Cyprus villas either has their holiday homes or already as residential similarities. Tired of the cold and dark at home many retirees are selling up to make their move to warmer climes. With reciprocal pension and tax arrangements between Cyprus and the U.K. sun loving pensioners can already have their benefits paid directly into their Cyprus bank accounts. The cost of living is cheaper and utility bills are a little more sensible too. All of that plus petrol at about a third less than the U.K. it’s no surprise that so many are selling up at home to buy Cyprus villas in the sun. With the cost of character on the Island running at around half the price of comparable abodes in other parts of Europe they should have some money left over too.

But it’s all about so much more than just money and the cost of living when you own Cyprus villas. The Cypriot people must be amongst some of the friendliest you could ever wish to meet and it really is genuine, not just some patter reserved for the money spending tourist either. It never ceases to amaze me just how accommodating they truly are especially when you consider that Britain once ruled the Island by force. In fact over the centuries Cyprus has been home to many unwelcome visitors looking for more than just a sun tan or a cool beer. She has however seen them all come and go whist the Cypriots meanwhile have managed to retain their own rare culture. For some Brits this outgoing character can at first be a little overwhelming but they soon lower the stiff upper lip and embrace the lifestyle.

Talking about lifestyle, it is well proven that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world with all that oily fish and olive oil cooking too. Most of the living is in fact done outdoors courtesy of the beautiful Cyprus climate and so barbecues are a Cypriot way of life. Most Cyprus villas will have a purpose built barbecue area and the Cypriots are undoubtedly the masters of the art. O.K. then, maybe it’s a close tie with the Aussies. The point being that the weather isn’t going to turn up and spoil your alfresco dinning like it always does in rainy old England. If you book the barbi for Wednesday that’s when you are going to be having it because in Cyprus at the minimum you can rely on the weather.

The is only one real problem with Cyprus villas however. They keep going up in price due to the huge need which threatens to outstrip the supply. Savvy investors wishing to obtain a home in the sun now are making their move into the Cyprus character market early. instead of wait until they are ready to retire in the sun they have chosen to obtain their future early by buying at today’s prices. Paying for this additional investment has not presented a problem for these perceptive individuals because they have spotted the possible in the Cyprus holiday rental market. Renting their character out to eager holiday makers has allowed them to buy now and invest in their future. They plan to self finance the character with holiday lets until they are ready to retire in the sun by which time it may already be paid for in complete. If you thought that a home in the sun was beyond your method perhaps you should take another look at beautiful Cyprus villas.

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