Benefits to Be Had From Using Cork Flooring

Benefits to Be Had From Using Cork Flooring

Just as bamboo, cork is a natural product and will provide warmth to any interior. But there are many other benefits to be attained from using cork flooring in your home not only does it blend well with other decorations and furniture but it comes in a wide variety of colors in addition. Again cork flooring just as bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly as no trees need to be cut down to produce it all that needs to happen is the bark is peeled away without truly damaging or destroying the tree itself. Then within nine years of the bark being removed it will grow back again and so can then be harvested once more. But below we will look at some more reasons for choosing cork flooring in your home.

1. It is water resistant. All cork flooring contains a substance known as Suberin which is a waxy substance that makes the cork impervious to liquids or gasses. It is because of this substance that the cork will never decay and the Suberin is probably one of the most natural and best sealants to be found in the world today.

2. It is tough and resilient. Because of its cellular composition cork flooring is much less affected by either impact or friction compared to many other hard floor surfaces such as wood, laminate or tiles.

3. It absorbs sound and so provides good quality acoustics in any home. In fact if you live in an apartment then this may be the right choice of flooring compared to laminate or wood flooring which can transmit sound and cause problems for your neighbors.

4. Resistant to Insects and Anti-Microbial. You will soon discover that most of the shared insects found around the home including termites do not go near cork flooring. This is due to the composition of the cork flooring, it truly makes it very difficult for them to penetrate it. Also as microbes can not truly survive in or on cork then you can really say it is germ resistant also. Certainly an ideal choice of flooring if you happen to have young children in the home.

5. Hypoallergenic. This is extremely good for people who have allergies as it does not produce any particulate irritants and it also does not contain any unhealthy chemicals because it is completely natural. Plus as it can not absorb dust then it can not either cause or contribute towards allergies that a person may have.

Probably the best assistance to be attained from using cork flooring in your home in addition as what we have shown above is the cost. It is great value for money compared to many other types of flooring that are obtainable today.

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