Best Way To Farm Gold In Cataclysm – Pros And Cons

Do you know which is the best way to farm gold in Cataclysm? That’s a good question you’ve asked your self and that method you want to make serious gold in World of Warcraft. Nothing wrong about that, in fact, I was in your position too, a while ago.

So, in this report, I will tell you exactly what’s the best way to farm gold in Cataclysm and it’s advantages and downsides.

Which is the best way to farm gold in Cataclysm?

Without a doubt that already in the days of Cataclysm, the best method to make gold in WoW is Auction House trading. Most of the elite players don’t already leave a main city when it comes to making gold in this game. So, if your old methods of gold farming in World of Warcraft were gathering or grinding on mobs for who knows what items, it’s time for a change.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the advantages of AH trading.

Auction House trading – Pros

1. This method of making gold does not take too much time. consequently, it fits to casual players, in addition as to hardcore players. With just a few minutes a day spent at AH, you can make very nice profits.

2. You don’t need professions for it. Especially if you don’t like skilling up profession, or you don’t have too much gold for it, this method will fit you perfectly.

3. You don’t need high level character, you can make all your trades just with a level 1 toon. This being said, AH trading is the best way to farm gold in Cataclysm for those players who just start fresh on a new vicinity.

4. You don’t need super gear. If a level 1 character is enough to make profits this way, needless to say, you don’t need fancy equipment for it or a certain talent specialization.

5. You don’t need mounts to make gold this way. Almost any other way of making gold requires you to move quite a bit. And an epic flying mount is kind of indispensable. If you make your gold at AH, you won’t be needing one.

Now let’s see the disadvantages of this method of making gold in World of Warcraft.

Auction House trading – Cons

1. You’ll need a starting sum of gold to begin your AH brokerage business. If you just started fresh on a server, this is a bit problematic. You’ll need to farm a associate of gold yourself, or ask for a loan.

2. It’s risky. If you invest unwisely, you will lose money.


As you can see, this method to make gold has certain risks, but these risks can be managed and reduced to zero if you work with the right tools. For example, I’ve been working with a Cataclysm gold guide.

This way, I’ve learned how to research the market on my server, learn everything about the supply and need, learn when is best to buy or sell stuff, and this way, profits were always substantial. I’m saying this because in one week, I managed to get enough gold for a Vial of Sands mount.

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