Blackberry 8520 – A Handy Addition

Blackberry 8520 – A Handy Addition

Blackberry 8520 is the latest Smartphone that is launched in the market for mobile customers across the world. The voice quality of this phone is very superior, including the following features:

In-built speakerphone

This mobile has the best built in speakerphone facility that is very helpful to businessman. It is perfect for hands free calls and appropriate for call conferences.

Voice Activated Dialing

Blackberry 8520 mobile phone has a special VAD characterize with built in speakerphone. One can say a information to start a call with anyone in the contact list with the help of Bluetooth headset for hands free calling.

Polyphonic and MP3 ringtones

A person can download different ringtones and can customize them according to the choice. It is very easy to record own songs on the play list.

Hands Free and Call conference Application

One can effortlessly start a call with different people at one time and also have the facility of hands free to make a person comfortable while talking.

Desktop Phone Functionality

One of the special features of this Smartphone is that it has desktop operation phone characterize. This makes Blackberry 8520 user friendly.

Specializations of Blackberry 8520 form

It has an inbuilt 2.0 megapixel digital camera. Clear and high video camera abilities. Have 256MB Flash Memory for better storage. Wi-Fi system for easy operation. Better quality multiplayer system. Wireless email facility and enabled Bluetooth. Have proper organizer and browser application. Simple and easy SMS/MMS facility.

Size and Weight

The average height of this Smartphone is 4.29 inches. Width is 2.36 inches, thoroughness is 0.54 inches and the average weight is 106gms.

Battery Back Up

The battery back up of the Blackberry 8520 Smartphone is very superior. Talk time is 4.5 hours and stand by is 17 days.


It has clear and high motion characterize, transmisive TFT MCD, can characterize up to 65,000 different colors.

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