Build Solar Panels at Home and Save On Your Electric Bill

If you were planning on installing pre-made solar panels to save money on your utility bills, I would say ‘don’t’. The truth is that to buy a panel it would cost you a few thousand dollars at the minimum and with an initial investment of so much money, it would take you a long time to get the money back from the savings on your utility bills. If, however, you were to build solar panels at home than you’d be on the right track, you can save money with a very small initial investment and see the savings very quickly.

To build your own solar panel you’ll need a few hundred dollars for the parts and a good manual to show you exactly how to do it, what you don’t need is any special skills or experience. If you’ve got a good manual, all the parts and some spare time, you’re good to go.

While it is very realistic to save money with just one panel, don’t think that you’ll make enough electricity for all of your needs or that you’ll make enough to sell back to the utility company (wouldn’t that be a great change – having them pay you!). But you can make enough to make a large impact on your utility costs every year.

Of course, the more sunny days you get in your area, the more a solar panel will work for you. If you want to mount the panels (s) on your roof, just make sure that your roof gets complete sun. If your roof is confined by tress or other houses or buildings, you may want to reconsider the location for your panels.

You can mount the panels just above the ground too, though they will be more inclined to damage from kids, and animals. But if that is your only option than it can nevertheless work.

A solar panel is basically a large box that holds the solar cells. The panel is covered with Plexiglas or regular glass to protect the solar cells from damage. While it is possible to make your own solar cells at home, most homeowners would be better off buying the solar cells and building the panel themselves. This is the most cost-effective method since building the solar cells can be difficult.

So, get to it. Start now and build solar panels at home. You can save money on your utility bills, go green, and have some cool bragging rights with your friends.

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