Can Working at Home Provide Financial Independence?

What is financial security?

It is… Freedom of choice, more time, more options, peace of mind and fewer hassles. I like to say that financial security is a more traditional way to say financial independence.

If it’s so easy to do then why isn’t everyone doing it? In my opinion, it’s only challenging because we are taught our whole lives to work for money, as opposed to learning how to make money work for us. This is honestly a mindset that we have to learn to understand, and change if that is what we want.

Trading your time to make money or making money work for you to create more time. Personally, I have grown up and only known one way to make money, that is to work really hard for it. Once I understood and invited people into my life that made money work for them did I begin to understand the difference. Coming from a more traditional financial background made this change challenging for me. Knowing what I know now, I don’t want to go back.

Here are a few reasons why working for money is painful:

  • There aren’t enough hours in the day to make enough especially because you will be investing all your time into making the money. Wouldn’t you rather do the things you and your family truly love?
  • Debt will continue to spiral out of control unless you have a circumstantial income on the side, just to get ahead.
  • However you want to look at it, Employees will always have a higher tax dilemma in our society. The tax rate is uniform and the people with jobs will have to pay for the people without jobs. Being taxed for your income and your payroll is essentially being taxed twice. Wouldn’t you prefer your money to go back in your pocket somehow?
  • 90% of employees are controlled and restricted by their income unless they choose to live on borrowed money, I don’t recommend either of those.

Financial Independence only has one solution, The solution is to increase and expand your income. Robert Kiyosaki the author of the high Dad Poor Dad Series says, “Live below your method” assumes the solution is to cut your expenses. “Living above your method” assumes that the money is just around the corner.” Financial Independence became important to me once I found out the true meaning of “Job Security”.

We can talk a little about job security as an employee but we all know and understand that if we don’t own it we can’t control it. So I won’t already go there. When it comes time to sink or swim, there will be risk involved, if we like it or not. Working at home can teach you the strength of leveraging your time and effectively creating cash-flow for your self. I’m nevertheless learning right now because I use to sell my time for money when I worked in construction. Non-traditional methods of obtaining financial independence and early retirement are becoming more and more searched out these days and there are many different effective ways of doing so.

In conclusion, working at home is a great way to control your time and your money. If that is what you want, there are solutions. Creating financial independence is hard work and can’t be done overnight. With help you can eliminate mistakes and become extremely efficient. Keep in mind that financial independence is simply not being restricted or held back from options of your choice. Im not talking about Billionaire position either, sometimes that gets taken out of context. Working from home is not something that works for everyone, only the ones that want it most.

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