Carpenter Ant Pest Control

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

Carpenter ants are large black or black and brown ants. They are most active during the evening hours, especially during the warm summer months. They are called carpenter ants because of their habit of hollowing out wood to create a nesting site.

We don’t encounter carpenter ants all that often in the Fresno metro area. They are not a major pest problem on the San Joaquin Valley floor. They are, however, a very serious pest problem to structures in our mountain communities, such as Bass Lake, Yosemite, Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, etc. They are also a major pest problem in the damp Pacific Northwest areas of Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

Carpenter ants are large ants that build semi-long-lasting colonies. They burrow into wood to create nesting galleries. Although they do not truly eat the wood (like termites do), they manage to do important damage when conditions are right. Usually the main colony will be in a damp area. The queen requires a damp ecosystem to raise her brood. An old rotten log or tree stump could be a perfect place for a queen carpenter ant to set up housekeeping.

In addition to the main, reproducing colony, they also create “satellite colonies” during the summer months. A satellite colony may be many yards from the main colony. When set up within the dry walls or attic of a house, the satellite colony seldom does any meaningful damage to the woodwork. However, if the woodwork is damp due high humidity, a leak or other moisture source, a reproducing colony may establish in the house. Then these insects can become very destructive.

Sometimes during the spring months Carpenter ants will set up a satellite colony inside a house. The young winged males will appear and fly around the house. When this happens it usually prompts a panic call to the termite man. These are “false alarm” termite swarmer calls.

Ants are pretty easy to discriminate from termites. Ants are related to bees and wasps. Termites are not related to ants at all. They belong to a completely different group of insects. A trained set of eyes can discriminate the two very quickly.

Carpenter ant infestations may be handled by either a general pest control company or a termite control company. The state of California leaves it up to the licensee, in the case of carpenter ants. At Morse Termite and Pest Control we will be happy to take a look at a carpenter ant problem. If treating the problem is within the scope of our normal activities we will give you a bid. If it would be better handled by a general pest control company we will suggest that the work be given to them.

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