Channeling For The Self

Channeling For The Self

Who are you really? How well do you know yourself? Most of us have been brought up to act in a civilised way. For some it’s a learned behaviour while for others it’s a behaviour that was passed down to us from our lineage. Some of us have a lineage which includes the psychic ability while in others they struggle to unprotected to the meeting of spirit and mind.

The ability to keep up up a psychic mirror for ourselves is far harder than giving a reading to another person. One has to set aside your wants and focus on the real inside you, totally stripped of all emotional entanglement. Each aspect of your character good, bad or indifferent has to be totally examined in its real light. Once one has got most of the surface examination out of the way, you can attempt to go inward. This can be difficult for people who are unused to it but it is perfectly possible. Here you are attempting to make contact with your higher self, in addition as your angels, guides or at all event you wish to call them. People do this in many different ways. Some people use meditation while others, who are more experienced at reaching that inner place, merely focus and find themselves there closest. When learning to find your inner self or your soul identify as I call it, the easiest way is by meditation.

The way I would suggest you try to connect is by using a meditation which leads you into it and shows you the way and ends with a closing. The need to close back down again is very important as, if you do not do this you keep open and unprotected to possible psychic attacks. Close down all resistance to the unknown before attempting this. The route of least resistance is the path where the psychic side will go into. Once one achieves this you are open and you can get messages for your greater good. The important point is being open and easy to reach to your angels, past loved ones and the God father’s messages. At this place we are in the position for us to listen to your inner self to hear our future to unfold for us for the greater good of both ourselves and for mankind. When you come back from the place you go to it is a good idea to make notes of what you bother heard and felt. This enables you check with yourself later. Our memories do play tricks with us and we tend to maybe alter things a bit to make it fit with what we want instead of what we heard. This method that we aren’t staying true to the psychic message we heard. Try doing this on a regular basis.

Make it a regular business of to check internally as this is an important part of being psychic and it keeps us in touch with the other side.

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