Circulate Your Psychic Energy in Order to enhance Your Conscious Creation of Reality

Circulate Your Psychic Energy in Order to enhance Your Conscious Creation of Reality

There are many important advantages to be obtained from circulating and replenishing your subtle energy – also known in Eastern spiritual traditions as chi or prana. The following are some of these benefits:

  • Good health and the optimum functioning of your physical body, barring any counterproductive actions on your part such as a bad diet or poor nutrition.
  • Regular occurrence of synchronicities which assistance and enhance your life.
  • popular interaction with people who are compatible with your way of thinking.
  • Easy access to universal knowledge stored in the Akashic field.
  • Smooth and consistent manifestation and realization of your desires.
  • Psychic protection from negative influences and all forms of energy drain such as energy vampirism.

Bear in mind that you are an energy being who exists simultaneously within sharing characteristics vibrational fields or dimensions. In fact, the universe itself is a holographic manifestation of Divine Energy which came into being by the stimulus of consciousness.

The more regularly and consciously you circulate your psychic energy, the easier it becomes for your energy bodies to synchronize with the universal energy field. When this occurs, you will begin to observe your life unfolding more spontaneously according to your desires – as if the universe had been anticipating your intentions all along.

To best ecosystem for circulating your chi or prana is outdoors in character, whenever possible, although you can assistance from this exercise in any location. Take off your shoes and stand tall (if you can) with your hands either at your sides or palms up at chest level, as if expecting a gift.

Close your eyes and freely visualize your energy field as a glowing toroid-shaped (donut-shaped) band of light, extending outwards from your heart center to a radius of about eight to nine feet. If this form is difficult for you to conceptualize at the moment, go online to find a representation of a toroid shape and then creatively incorporate this image in your visualization.

This vortex of energy is never static – it turns at an infinitely high speed, with bands of energy crisscrossing its surface in a spiraling motion. The circulating energy then regularly moves by the torus center (the donut hole) and exits the other end, repeating the spiral loop pattern almost instantaneously.

It is not necessary to fully comprehend the complicate patterns and directions of this amazing occurrence in order to assistance from it. It will be sufficient just to know that this vortex-of-creation continuously pulls in energy and then spews it out again like an exquisitely fine-tuned energy-exchange machine.

The next step in this exercise is to mentally synchronize your toroid field with the similarly shaped energy field of the universe. Imagine your heart’s energy torus as an exact holographic replica of an infinitely large universal vortex of creation.

Then say or think “I and the Universe are one. I am the Universe.” Visualize your energy vortex spinning in coordinated movement with the universal energy field because, in so doing, you will be circulating tremendous amounts of energy.

Breathe rhythmically as you continue your visualization: INHALE, keep up, EXHALE, keep up, etc. These momentary suspensions of breath, in between inhaling and exhaling, correspond with the way your energy torus stops its rotations almost imperceptibly as it regularly changes polarity.

Initially, perform this circulation exercise for about two to five minutes, depending on your ability to comfortably sustain this rhythmic breathing pattern. The length of the exercise is not as important as the regularity and mental focus with which you perform it.

It is also possible to store energy within your subtle (non-physical) bodies but I do not suggest doing this unless you are saving up to perform a meaningful reality change or reality alteration. It is always better to dynamically manifest your desires using energy already in circulation.

confined or stagnant physical energy causes disease and cell decline in addition as a number of other health imbalances. Similarly, a sluggish toroid energy field can also cause problems in all the other aspects of your reality.

Regularly circulate your psychic energy and you will experience life at its fullest and most creative!

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