Converting VGA to HDMI

Converting VGA to HDMI

Converting VGA to HDMI is a great way to watch your favorite online shows and movies on your home theater system, but for this task you need a VGA to HDMI converter. A VGA to HDMI converter is a device that converts one form of signal to another. Some people think that a VGA to HDMI cable is enough to get the job done which is impossible. An analog signal cannot be changed to digital without a converter. They are fundamentally different signals, not just incompatible connections.

A VGA output is commonly produced by a laptop or computer that uses a VGA video card, from there the converter converts the signal to HDMI (digital signal), the consequence will then appear in an HDTV or any HMDI compatible devices. VGA only supports video while HDMI supports both audio and video. A converter can either upscale to 720p or 1080p resolution, but it doesn’t enhance the image to the quality of native digital signals with these HD resolutions.

Keep in mind that while HDMI carries an audio signals, VGA does not. This method that in order to accomplish this conversion you need not only an HDMI and VGA cable, but an audio cable in addition. The VGA and audio signals will go into the converter, and the adapter will combine the two into an outgoing HD signal out by your HDMI cable and into your TV. Another option is to connect the audio from your computer directly by to the receiver for your sound system, while only pushing the video signal by the converter. This method does require that you have a separate sound system though, as your television can only read one input at a time.

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