Cord Blood: Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Cord Blood: Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Settling on a name for your newborn is definitely something all parents use time doing, but one decision that is rarely thought of or overlooked is saving your newborns cord blood. Saving cord blood is not something doctors or nurses bring to any pregnant womans attention, however this article will be the missing voice. Saving your newborns cord blood method starting with cord blood banking. This is simply allowing a authentic laboratory designed for storing cord blood taken from your newborn. In their laboratories they will freeze the it where it can be stored indefinitely, under strict conditions.

Umbilical Cord Blood: Why Its Important
Why is umbilical cord blood so important? The ultimate reasoning behind the importance is that it can only be captured once, then the resources is deleted forever. Once your baby is born, there is a tiny window alloted to qualified technicians who collect the blood from the umbilical cord right after birth. Doctors trash the remains of the umbilical cord and placenta right after birth, so knowing ahead of time you want to store your babys blood is vital. Once collected, it can be used to save others from life threatening illnesses such as leukemia, cancer, and many diseases nevertheless being researched. One main reason behind the importance of saving your newborns blood is that its use is mostly geared to close relatives within your direct bloodline.

Programs obtainable to Store the Blood
There are a small number of programs in the US currently (December 2011) that save cord blood. If you nevertheless are unsure how saving your newborns blood can be so important, you should research a program dedicated to storage. The main programs obtainable and most popular are Cord Blood Registry (CBR), ViaCord, and AlphaCord. The programs do have a cost, but they are totally committed to saving lives in the future which is priceless.

How is it Stored?
These companies all have storage facilities totally dedicated to halting your babys blood for a future time when it may be needed. They have back up energy supplies to ensure it does not thaw under weather circumstances, guarding your most precious life saving resource; cord blood. Storage is done with the most high tech and up to date equipment which freezes blood to -190 Celsius. Special tanks are designed to protect the it from nitrogen vapor or other damages. Facilities that store blood from the umbilical are vital and saving lives is their most important goal.

If you are interested in one day being a life saver, you should consider banking your newborns blood. It is a decision that can only be made once, so make it wisely. No doubt, there is a high cost to saving the it, but the outcome has no price on it, especially if it is your own child you get to save. The special blood has stem cells not obtainable synthetically, so using your very own childs blood straight from the umbilical cord can be more than just giving blood. You can give life.

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