Divination With Dowsing Rods

Divination With Dowsing Rods

Dowsing Rods have been used for divination for centuries. Although there is evidence suggesting that dowsing was in use 8,000 years ago, the first historically recorded evidence of the use of dowsing dates back to 16th Century Germany. Dowsing rods were included in ceremonial magic rituals. It was believed that dowsing rods could help locate precious metals and hidden objects. For dowsing practitioners of this time, dowsing was considered to be a form magic that was looked upon as something evil and unnatural.

In recent times, dowsing rods are utilized to locate water, minerals, oil, ancient artifacts, ghosts and psychic energy. No one is certain as to how exactly these rods truly work. One theory indicates the dowsing rods radiate energy that is bounced of specific objects or specific places. In this case, a geomagnetic field causes the rods to move towards an object’s energy. Others believe that dowsing rods help an individual tap into the psychic energy or vigorous vibrations of objects. This is done by concentrating on a particular object which in turn cause the rods to tune into the object’s energy. In either case, dowsing remains a popular psychic tool for many people who wish to analyze psychic energy or psychic occurrence.

There are many different types of rods, however, the two most shared are v-shaped branches, usually made from hazel or willow twig, and metal rods. the time of action of dowsing is comparatively simple. The dowser holds the branch or rods in his or her hands and concentrates on the object or place they are seeking. They then begin walking, often being led by their third eye or psychic intuition. When the Dowser reaches a point of interest, the dowsing rods move in conjunction. The closer the Dowser is to the desired object, the more the dowsing rods will move.

There are many skeptics who doubt the validity of dowsing. Unfortunately there is very little scientific evidence that indicates how these rods truly work. However, for those who have had success with this psychic tool, swear by its legitimacy and a few dowsers have demonstrated an uncanny ability to locate subterranean supplies of water and other types of mineral deposits. In either case, it is a comparatively easy practice and is obtainable to anyone who wishes to analyze its efficacy.

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