Drug Addiction – Seeking Help

It starts of with an innocent drag of a joint at a friends house – you laugh you giggle, oh and do you eat; you sit up for hours contemplating the fate of the universe, religious, spiritual and philosophical topics. Then thats that for a while, until next time lets say a week a month, it makes no difference.
Soon this innocent experience has become a ritual, habit if you could say. Low and behold, now youre invited to a house party and are introduced to more hard-chief drugs – hey if the weed was not so bad, whats the harm in trying ecstasy, acid or a bit of cocaine?

The year progresses and so do the parties, and suddenly you find your self using drugs on a regular basis already at home alone. Then, whether over night or over a gradual progression – who knows for sure – you are addicted. You cant stop using. You whole life is concerned with buying and using drugs and unfortunately more often then not you are not enjoying your self anymore. What do you do? Well, you can carry on using until it kills you or go insane or already until the cops can arrest you and your shinning record will be tarnished with jail time. Or you can seek help – this is what this article is about – help for the drug addict.
Before we continue, let us define the term drug addict (which includes an alcoholic). A drug addict is any person whose very lifes purpose is the getting and using of drugs and can not in their own strength stop using drugs. Drugs can be defined as any illegal narcotics or mind altering substances including alcohol because believe it or not alcohol is a drug too.

Well, if you are desperate for help – thats a good thing, then you will find it. I recommend booking yourself into a 12 step rehabilitation centre; they are not cheap but just think of how much money youve been spending on your addiction. Its worth it; it worked for me, finally. You might not agree with all their philosophies, you might not enjoy the group therapies and it is going to be, possibly, the hardest time of your life. But remember what you put in you get out.

If you cant provide to go to a private rehab centre there are also government subsidised and funded centres, well in South Africa at the minimum. They are not pleasant but theyre better then prison.

If booking your self into a rehab centre is impossible for what ever reasons you might have visit Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous web site for your specific country and location online. They will have a list of meetings – times and places where recovering addicts and alcoholics meet. Because of group anonymity I can divulge no more, except that the meetings really help.

Lastly, but defiantly not least have faith you are experiencing from a sickness not a moral disorder although your sickness might have rule you to do bad things – it does to a lot of people. Forgive yourself if you can, if you cant seek counselling. Pray, find God. He is loving and forgiving and can help you conquer you sickness. already go to church its helped me a lot. Jesus literally saved my life.

at all event you do, do not isolate, do not give up hope there is life after drugs – no matter how far down the spiral you are – and this life is an abundant joyful fulfilling life. And when you are clean by all method do not relapse.

Good luck and God Bless.

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