Drug Intervention Programme – What You Need to Know

Drug Intervention Programme – What You Need to Know

If there is any place in the world where you can find Drug Intervention Programs, the United Kingdom has would be one of them. In the United Kingdom, once drug users are into the program, they are to be treated for their addiction in hopes that they will retrieve and restrain from it. The United Kingdom is determined to reduce drug related offenses by this program.

The program aims to do two things: first is to reduce crime and drug users. These two goals go together in a mutual way or more of like a chain reaction effect. There are drug centers built to cater to patients are mostly living out of town. The patient is treated the usual way and once a patient is freed, the UK government does not end their DIP (Drug Intervention Program) there, they nevertheless keep track of released patients. The moment a patient stops taking treatment or violates again he is taken back to the center for treatment.

The program has taken three measures for drug prevention wherein any arrested speculate is closest tested for drug usage for a specific crime and this is mandatory. The second is for arrested suspects who test positive for drugs. They are required to attend therapy. They will be meeting with drug workers or a therapist. The meeting is held solely between the convicted drug addict and the therapist. The failure of the drug addict to attend therapy sessions will either send the drug addict to prison or pay a large fine. The third will prohibit drug addicts to file for bail. The only condition when a drug addict is allowed to file for bail is when he or she attends the therapy sessions.

The other part of the Drug Intervention Program is the Drug and Alcohol team division. This is also known as DAAT. This division does not play rough with drug addicts because they only deal with light situations. Drug testing is not required for this but they nevertheless implement restrictions on bail and also with the required assignment.

Other countries can use the same method to reduce crime in general. Money and drugs is the main root causes of crime, these two elements can either go in conjunction or separately. at all event the cause, implementing Drug Intervention Programs can dramatically reduce drug situations and promote an enriching ecosystem for growth especially for the young.

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