Dustless Blasting Vs Sandblasting

Mobile Dustless Blasting is a very similar concept to mobile sandblasting however it is more environmentally friendly on the ecosystem and is a lot less abrasive on the material you are blasting. Sandblasting is a course of action where media such as sand or garnet is propelled at high speed by a high pressure hose by way of compressed air.

The problem with sandblasting is it is harsh on the blasting substrate and is a very dusty course of action. Don’t get me wrong sandblasting isn’t a bad course of action by any stretch of the imagination. It has its place in today’s day an age however there are more gentle forms of this kind of work that can strip material without it damaging the substrate. This is where the dustless blasting course of action can be a huge advantage.

Dustless blasting can also be described as vapour blasting, wet blasting or slurry blasting. Dustless blasting is the same form of blasting as sandblasting but with the introduction of water introduced into the time of action creating a third component. There are many forms of wet blasting around but the dustless blasting course of action is where media and water are mixed into a blast pot and compressed air is then delivered into the blast pot. The user is able to adjust the amount of media flow and the pressure used at the pot before it is then delivered by the hose and to the nozzle. This course of action is perfect if you are working with thin metal as the water keeps the metal cool and prevents it from warping unlike the sandblasting method where the metal heats up due to the friction from the time of action causing the metal to warp.

Dustless blasting is also perfect because it doesn’t create large plumes of dust as the water saturates the blasting media causing it to fall to the ground after coming in contact with the substrate it was blasting. Rust inhibitor is also introduced into the mix to prevent flash rusting on any metal that has been blasted. Dustless is not a dust free course of action as a lot of people expect. Dustless is exactly as the name says “Less Dust”. It is also great in mould remediation, rule paint removal and asbestos removal. The water contains the contaminants and as long as there has been sufficient containment set up then there is no need to completely wrap a building or area. So if your thinking of getting something blasted then maybe you should consider using the dustless blasting course of action.

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