Exclusive: Social media posts by Angela Flores paint picture of woman …

Angela Flores, the West Hills mother accused of killing her three children, made her first court turn up today, hidden behind a closed door in the courtroom where only the estimate could see her. 

Angela Flores seen here in a post to Facebook. 

Only Flores’s attorney could be seen in the Van Nuys courtroom Wednesday when he asked for her arraignment on three counts of murder to be be delayed until August. 

The estimate then spoke to Flores by an open window as she remained hidden in a hallway. Her voice could barely be heard during those fleeting two minutes. 

Over the last year and a half, Flores was active on social media, uploading photos and on Facebook, posting about her life in a private Facebook group called LA Mommies. 

One of her first posts to that page was on July 20, 2021. It read:

“Hello, my name is Angels and I moved here six months ago from Kansas City. I am a mother of 6 and I’m currently undergoing breast cancer treatments. I work in the real estate field and currently work from home. I am active but alone (besides my kiddos) and I am looking for some friends for hiking, Korean spa, lunch, beach, etc. I have 4 kids nevertheless in home 16, 11 (only girl) 9, and 7. I live in the Downey area, but I excursion all over. Let’s be friends.” 

Police said Flores admitted to killing her 12-year-old daughter Natalie Flores, her 10-year-old son Kevin Yanez, and her youngest son, 8-year-old Nathan Yanez sometime over the weekend with help from her 16-year-old son. 

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“I was shocked when I heard this. I was totally shocked. I nevertheless can’t believe what happened,” said Dr. Ariel Ourian, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. 

It was by this Facebook page that she connected with Ourian. 

“I do pro bono breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients and she reached out to me for help and I offered sets to help her,” he told CBSLA. 

Dr. Ourian could not comment on whether or not Flores was ever his patient due to patient confidentiality, but talked about his first impression of Flores. 

“She seemed like a sweet lady, but I didn’t see anything else that would alarm me,” he said. 

Flores received messages of sustain from other mothers, one writing, “Sorry about what you are going by…”

One mom shared with us this private conversation she had with Flores on Facebook about their kids’ activities. Flores wrote, “My 2 youngest boys play competitive football, my daughter wants to do gymnastics, and my 15 year old Kung fu.”

There’s also a post from Flores that same month that shows empty moving boxes around the time when Flores and her four children began renting the home on Victory Boulevard in West Hills. 

Flores also wrote: “Thank you ladies. I felt it was time to stop living in my head alone if that makes sense. Thanks for your sustain.”

The cause of the children’s deaths was not released. In the meantime, Flores is due back in court for that arraignment on August 10, and she remains in jail on $6 million bond. 

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