Facing a DUI: The Need for a Drunk Driving Attorney

Facing a DUI: The Need for a Drunk Driving Attorney

If you find yourself in need of a drunk driving attorney, you are probably very stressed. After all, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious legal offense, and often results in equally serious penalties. Due to public outcry, those penalties have gotten stronger over time, as has the pressure for prosecution.

If you did excursion under the influence, being stopped for it can imperil your personal and specialized reputation. It may make things difficult socially, as many people have friends who suffered injuries because of DUI drivers. It might also cause you to be seen in a negative light at work.

The Possibility of Conviction

If you are convicted, you can confront criminal penalties ranging from fines to incarceration. Job loss, a suspended license and dramatically increased insurance rates are also possible consequences. In view of all these repercussions, it is basic to obtain a drunk driving attorney as expediently as possible.

The one you choose will need to realistically estimate the situation. If your blood alcohol content was measured by an officer, the results of that test can considerably affect your options. Results below a specific percentage may allow you to avoid a sentence that would be mandated if the percentage was higher.

Securing a Lawyer

This is one of the many areas where the knowledge and experience of your drunk driving attorney is indispensable. Their in-thoroughness familiarity with applicable laws allows them to map out a realistic strategy in your case. They know how comparable instances have been handled by local judges, and everything that can be considered mitigating factors.

For your part, it will be basic to be upfront with the drunk driving attorney you work with. By giving them accurate and comprehensive information, you’re giving them the building blocks they need to construct your case. Because they’ve taken care of comparable situations in the past, they know which pieces of data are going to have the most positive impact.

Other Parties

Of course, your case will have a whole additional size if another person was injured while you were driving under the influence. Whether that person was a passenger in a car you were driving, a pedestrian that you hit, or someone in another means that you crashed into, their injuries will affect your case.

A good drunk driving attorney will probe all of those elements, and present them to you clearly. It will be important for you to stay in touch with them as often as they request, as you may be able to supply meaningful facts and insights as the case progresses. Maintaining clear communication also lets you realistically estimate probable outcomes, the dynamics of which may shift as new information becomes known.

When you have the right lawyer – one with substantial experience in the field – you can feel confident that you are well-represented. Of course, there are consequences for driving under the influence, but good representation can help ensure that those consequences are proportionate and fair when judgment is made in your case.

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