Financial Domination – The Misunderstood Fetish

Financial Domination, though often misunderstood, is both a valid fetish and a very powerful form of strength Exchange. It is often practiced on the fringes of the BDSM community.

To have a fetish of being financially controlled by a powerful Domme is in some ways similar to having a pantyhose or foot fetish; just that the object of the fetish is money instead of feet or an article of clothing. The individuals who participate in the fetish usually get excitement and in situations already arousal out of their fetish play; just as is the case in a number of other sexual fetishes. In situations of Financial Domination this excitement usually occurs when the slave gives money to the Owner; feeling powerless under Her control. In most situations the man will get an intense rush of excitement both when thinking of giving money to a Domme and when he gives Tributes. This excitement can last already past that point, lasting days after engaging in this fetish.

I say She and he, because usually the giver is a male, the receiver is a Female. While there are situations of Male Dominants participating in the fetish; it is extremely scarce. Just like foot fetishes the Financial Domination Fetish is one where Females are usually considered superior; consequently you would rarely find a woman serving a man in this manner.

The payment given is called a Tribute; and can be anywhere from around fifty dollars when strangers first meet to several thousand dollars as can be the case in well established relationships. Just like other Mistress/slave relationships, some Financial Dominants will form strong bonds with those who serve them over a long period of time. However, these relationships will be very platonic. While Financial Domination is a sexually charged fetish, that arouses and teases, most Dommes will not have any sex with their slaves, just as a specialized Dominatrix would not with Her clients.

Women that are participating in this Fetish are called Princesses, Queens and already Goddesses. Not only money is exchanged in this strength Exchange, in many situations gifts are given in addition; which are usually purchased off a Wish list. Gifts are so popular because there is a heavy emphasis on spoiling and pampering the Female principal. Allowing the Lady to live a life of absolute luxury while the male struggles and suffers in many ways for Her is often a big part of Financial Domination. Time and time again he must surrender and give up, so She can live above Her method. There is a large contrast between how Owner and slave live within this fetish, unlike other BDSM relationships where there is more blending between the lifestyles of the two. After all, in Financial Domination She is a Queen and Goddess, and he is Her slave. Some Ladies specialize in ruination of the slaves, while others drain more conservatively and with care, knowing that a completely ruined slave is useless. However, the sheer amount of men who fantasize about being ruined by a beautiful and powerful Woman is staggering; however, it is to be kept in mind that for most men, it is only the fantasy of this that appeals to them, not the reality. Only in scarce situations does one truly need and crave the reality of ruination.

This brings me to the next point. Those men who are into the fetish usually crave a fair amount of humiliation and exploitation; some prefer heavy forms of Domination that includes being ruined, while others like things mild and prefer to just spoil and enhance the life of their Lady; perhaps worshipping Her a little on the side. Most of the men participating in the fetish like to be called humiliating names such as piggy, pay pet, cash cow and already more degrading names. Some already like objectification and being ignored for days on end by their Domme. The relationships from the outside may not seem to have any sort of mercy or love attached to them, though some Dommes fiercely care for their pay pets; especially those who are with them long term.

Financial Domination is strength Exchange where the slave gives up his strength and gives it to his Lady by showering Her with both money and gifts. After all, can it be hard to see how this could be such a strong form of strength exchange? Money is the ultimate strength in today’s society and most people consider a man’s worth to be tied up in his possessions and how much money he has. The less a man owns, the more shame and humility he feels; this is something that society has engrained in everyone’s brains. For many reasons money is the single best means to accomplish fulfilling the desires of a slave. The slave gives up his money and possessions, consequently becoming more unprotected, and the Lady becomes more powerful by acquiring riches and material belongings. Most of those who participate in Financial Domination have both a strong money fetish, and many men who are into serving financially or being financially exploited also crave humiliation; in situations intense humiliation.

While most Financial Domination is practiced solely online; though a few individuals have been known to do it in Real Time too; in the forms of money exploitation, shopping sprees and various forms of humiliation. confront to confront Financial Domination is very scarce. Because it is mostly practiced online there is a great deal of individuals who get into the fetish merely for fast cash, and consequently there has been a great deal of “fake” individuals getting involved on the scene lately; especially among the Ladies. This is unfortunate, but sadly a case in many things where the internet is the main medium.

This is a very dynamic fetish, but it is commonly misunderstood. One has to understand that everyone is wired differently, and human sexuality is not a case of black and white. We come in all different colors and we all like different things. While you may never understand Financial Domination completely, I hope my article helped you understand it better.

Goddess Anja Aurora

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