Finding DUI Jail Alternatives

Have you been convicted with a DUI charge? Are you worried that you are going to get a harsh penalty which can include jail time? Stop worrying about it because there are DUI jail alternatives in Nevada. Jail time is the worst punishment one can expect. But it is possible for you to escape jail time. If the judgment asks you to be imprisoned you can expect a tough time. Nobody wants to experience such a tough time. additionally everyone wants to get rid of the humiliation associated with jail time.

It is true that Nevada law ensures that the person convicted of a DUI charge gets harsh punishment. But having an experienced lawyer on your side will ensure that you can avoid being imprisoned. Seek help from a skilled defense attorney. The DUI jail alternatives you can expect include:

a) Work Furlough

b) Work Release

c) Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation

d) Electronic Monitoring

e) Sober Living

f) City Jail or Weekend Jail

You should have an idea about all these alternatives so that you can choose successfully choose the option that is appropriate for you.

Work Furlough: It is one of the most preferable alternatives to jail time. If you go for this different you will get the permission to keep your own job. But you will not be allowed to go back to your own home at night. You will rather have to avail a dormitory-style facility at night to sleep. In the morning you will be released to go to work.

Work Release: If you opt for this different Probation Department will select a site where you will have to work. During the day you can work at the site and go back to your home at night.

Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation: In most situations it has been noticed that the offender is addicted to drug or alcohol. If the offense is a consequence of this addiction jail time will probably do no good to you. In that case you may be sent to the drug or alcohol rehabilitation center instead of jail.

Electronic Monitoring: It is also known as “House Arrest”. If you opt for this DUI Nevada jail different you will have to use an ankle bracelet which will monitor your movements you will be allowed to go to work but it you will have to get back on time.

Tell your lawyer which different is ideal for you and he will make sure that the judgment goes in your favor.

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