Finding Out a Courier’s Legal position

Finding Out a Courier’s Legal position

The legal position of a courier service is not something that you should have to worry about. Any industry which involves the use of commercial vehicles is usually observed and regulated quite closely. This is because of the risk which develops when commercial vehicles are on the road. It is also because of the fact that sometimes couriers or transportation companies are asked to transport hazardous goods. There are some things you can look into though to understand better the legal position of your courier.

One of the first things that you can concern yourself with when investigating your couriers legal position is their insurance coverage. First of all, insurance is a must for every courier company out there. Every means and driver must be insured to a minimum standard, and the best companies will have additional coverage beyond that. They should also be carrying courier insurance which provides insurance to the goods in the vehicles, not just to the vehicles and the drivers.

Next, you should look into any training and clearance programs which the courier adheres to. The department of transportation has driver safety programs in place which your courier should be passing their drivers by. Also, they department of transportation has medical clearance minimums for specialized drivers. You should make sure that your courier is following all DOT guidelines to be fully legal.

Another legal issue that sometimes crops up with couriers is their hiring practices. It will never hurt to ask them some questions about what their hiring practices are, and what kind of checks they do on their employees. Most couriers will do a complete background and criminal records check. This may be required by their insurance company.

Another component which is not strictly required for legality everywhere but which is related is whether or not your courier bonds their employees. Bonding is a kind of insurance which protects the company, and you, against financial loss should theft occur due to the action of an employee. Unfortunately, the very character of the position of a courier driver offers much opportunity for this kind of possible theft. It just makes good sense legally to make sure that your courier has a complete bonding policy in place with all of its employees. If you do business with a courier without this kind of policy, you could potentially be leaving yourself open to a enormous loss in the unfortunate event that a theft ever occurred.

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