Glasgow Storage Expert discloses 5 Self Storage Money Saving Secrets

Glasgow Storage Expert discloses 5 Self Storage Money Saving Secrets

1. Get The Best Price

The price of storage rooms varies by quite a lot. Some higher prices may be justified for easy access and good quality rooms.

Recommendation. Get a few quotes. Some companies quote high prices and then reduce their price if they know you’re shopping around. This can be a ploy to get you to move in. Once you’ve moved in the price may be increased in the belief that you will not shop around for a lower price. So don’t say you’re shopping around and see what prices you’re offered.

2. Special Offers Will Save You Money

Self storage has become more competitive. For example nearly all storage companies have special offers. Here are some:

* FREE Storage periods depending on how long you stay. If you intend to store for at the minimum 8 weeks you can expect to get 2 to 4 weeks FREE.

* Half Price Storage periods, or a $1 or £1 promotion for the first month.

* Pre-Payment Discounts. Most companies give a discount of 5% if you pre-pay for 26 weeks. This rises to 10% for 52 weeks. Some offer already higher discounts.

* Student Discounts. Students can expect a 10% discount.

* Military Discounts. Armed Forces personnel should get a 10% discount.

Recommendation. Ask about special offers, especially if you intend to stay for more than 4 weeks.

3. Customer Service: Trained Staff Can Save You Money

Good, trained staff will advise you on the size of room you need and how to make the best use of your space. They will also suggest offers and savings to save you money.

Recommendation. Consider customer service as part of your decision making course of action.

4. How To Save Money When You Move In

Self storage companies just store your belongings. It is your responsibility to both move in and out. Hiring a van or arranging your own removals can be expensive. Always check if your self storage company will help you to move in – this could save you a lot of money. Here’s how they can help:

* Some will collect your belongings as part of their service. This usually involves a large trailer that can be parked outside your house. You are responsible for loading the trailer which is then pushed by the storage staff to the storage centre. You then unload your belongings into your own room. This service is best for rooms up to 100sqft.

* “Free Van Hire” This saves you the cost of hiring your own van. Always carefully check the charges you will pay for – fuel and insurance. The insurance excess can be £250 to £500, so don’t have an accident!

* Local Removal Companies. All storage companies deal with local removal companies. They know the good ones, so get them to recommend a remover if you need one.

Recommendation. Check if the mini-storage company will help you to move in. If they will, you may save a lot of money on moving expenses.

5. Save Money On Insurance

Your belongings will need to be insured when they are in storage. If you have a home insurance policy check with your insurer if your belongings are covered by their policy when in storage. If they do provide cover, you will need proof for the storage company. If not, the storage company can provide insurance for you. Check the cost of this insurance. Some companies put a value for the insurance you need to pay depending on the size of the room you take. This can over-insure you and be expensive.

Recommendation. Check if your home insurance covers your belongings in storage. If not check the storage company’s insurance costs and cover.

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