GoToWebinar Review

GoToWebinar Review

GoToWebinar allows you to conduct meetings and include audiences across the nation, or already around the globe, without going anywhere and without the related high expenses of travel. GoToWebinar lets you meet with other people right from the convenience of your office or home. You can choose free VoIP or telephone conferencing, or both together. You can present anything that you need to straight from your own computer. Audiences can take part with ad-hoc polling, hand raising, and being given speaking turns. Every meaning you conduct can characterize up to 1000 attendees–and all for the same flat fee.

GoToWebinar is powered by Citrix technology. Citrix Systems, Inc. established in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in 1989, is known for its ICA protocol and thin client solutions. This company is the leader in access infrastructure solutions including network access, single sign-on, VPN capabilities, presentation sets, far away control, and far away sustain applications. consequently the company is a perfect pairing for GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinars technology is easy to use. All you have to do is give a few details and GoToWebinar automatically generates a registration landing page and a conference or meeting invitation for you to send out. But you dont already need to wait for all that if you dont want to; you can call a virtual meeting anytime you want to. Just click Webinar Now to set afloat an instantaneous Webinar. And its so easy that youll be creating and hosting your own specialized quality Webinars from day one. This is a very shallow learning curve.

GoToWebinar allows you to reach more people faster. The program sends reminder e-mails and lets attendees add your event to their calendars in just a simple click. Attendees can call in via telephone or listen in over VoIP. In this way you will increase your leads. You can get a much more precisely targeted audience by downloading an audience list ranked by interest level. Whats more, beforehand you can practice your presentations and invite other organizers and panelists to rehearse with you. Virtual presenting, selling, and training are all now possible with just pointing and clicking.

Also, youll never need to lose a meetings notes again, or fall prey to poor observe-taking. Any GoToWebinar can be recorded and played back in complete over and over again, with rewind and fast-forward features.

Your attendees dont already need to be GoToWebinar clients, nor do they need to pre-install any software. All they have to do is accept your invitation at any time to be able to let you access their computer desktop and be able to access yours (to in any case degree or extent you desire).

GoToWebinar uses state of the art end-to-end 128-bit AES (progressive Encryption Standard) encryption for all Webinar data including screen images, files, keyboard, and mouse input and chat text, so that all meetings are totally obtain.

If you want to set up a virtual office or you have been trying to find ways of conducting meetings and presentations in more cost-effective, more efficient, and more functional ways, GoToWebinar is one possible solution to your needs and desires.

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