Hey Dummy Are You Saving on Your Telephone Bill?

Hey Dummy Are You Saving on Your Telephone Bill?

Voice over Internet Protocol is not an thoroughly new concept with Skype being the most well known VOIP application on the Internet obtainable. This has been alternation for the the South African market in another product using the same technology by a company called Vox Telecom.

Why the hype and what does Vox Telecom offer the South African Telecommunications customer? Vox Telecom saw an opportunity in using the existing infrastructure to provide a telecommunications network. Without the necessity to build their own network they were able to save massively on costs. These costs would otherwise have been passed on to the customer.

What are the savings and benefits of being a Vox customer?

– Vox offer calls up to 40% cheaper than other competitors.

– Calls made between Vox telephones are free of charge. This is an excellent way to save money between family members and a greater way to save money for small businesses with several branches.
– The best characterize however is the cash back system implemented by Vox. Customers receive money back when calls are made to the Vox number.

But what does this average for the consumer? It simply method that if your current usage on your Telephone bill is more than R 350-00 a month it will be advantageous to change over to Vox. It has to be mentioned that Vox does not replace your current system. See Vox as an add-on system by which you can save money.

How much money will you earn on the cash back plan from Vox? It is true, you will not be able to become a millionaire but there are Vox clients who do not have to pay a penny towards their phone bill thanks to the cash back system. Future Vox Business owners need to be mindful of this fact in addition as this is where they will earn the most money in addition.

It is a fact, Vox are changing the whole telecommunications industry in South Africa by inventive thinking and giving back to its customers.

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