Highlighted stories celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Houston is one of the most different places in America and we enjoy celebrating all of the wonderful groups that make up our city! As we proudly observe Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15, ABC13 has partnered up with AARP Houston to highlight stories from our community that represent this rare culture.

Watch ABC13’s Hispanic Heritage Vignettes

Houston is home to countless stories that celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. From the food and music, to the art and history. ABC13 is proud to be part of a community that holds to pioneers, rare talents and wonderful places paying tribute to this special time, when we recognize this amazing culture.

Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery contributes and celebrates the high and vibrant Latino culture. Not a gallery in the usual sense, the shop more resembles a Mexican market. Work by local and state artists are displayed along with popular folkart and crafts from Mexico, books and a variety of items. This is the place to go to learn and experience Dia De Los Muertos, with countless pieces and shrines concentrated on the rare holiday!

Hispanic culture is complete of folklore and stories that get passed from generation to generation. Part of this tradition are scary stories of mythical monsters usually told to get children to behave. These include tales of La Llorona (the crying women) or Chupacabra (the blood sucking beast). These cultural legends are just a few pieces that make Hispanic Heritage so rare and interesting.

A talented musical act from Houston is taking the NorteƱo music world by storm. Siblings Yaxeni, Ricardo, and Ailyn Rivera, are behind the group Los Luzeros De Rioverde. Despite their young age, these young performers from Houston have already released three albums and perform across the country. But their rise to fame started with social media. Watch more about their story below!


Did you know Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States? Or, that just five States are home to 2/3 of the Hispanic population in the US? Find more facts about Hispanic Heritage.

Whether it’s sharing a recipe, getting involved in local activities, looking for caregiving help or getting information on social security, AARP provides you with a wealth of opportunities to save money, play, learn and volunteer. in addition, AARP is dedicated to serving and to celebrating all cultures, and is a proud supporter of Hispanic Heritage Month Learn more here.

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