HostGator Personal Web Hosting Solution

HostGator Personal Web Hosting Solution

HostGator Before: If you have a Website that was established in the early 2000, you’d probably familiar with the Company. It was one of the leading hosting company that offers you a true quality of service and won numerous awards since they started their business and got many positive feedback from their satisfied Customers.

HostGator Today: In this present day, If you try to compare with other Hosting sites and read some of the latest reviews, HostGator Web Hosting Solution is not anymore among the Top Web Hosting Company based from Editors Point-of-view and its unsatisfied Customers in addition.

My Review when it comes to its Service:

Since most of my site is Hosted from HostGator, I will tell to you my Personal and objective Experience with the Company. Disadvantages: When comparing the margin to its current leading competitors, the price is really a big factor, tends to be higher and not competitive enough specially for a new and inexperience individual regarding web hosting. HostGator does not have FREE Domain for Life offer to its package. Just in-case you want to change your dominant domain hosted to you need to for pay that service in order that one of your chosen alternate domain to be your dominant domain.

Advantages: Well of course the opposite of its disadvantages is its advantages. Besides that, HostGator is a little bit pricey but only few realize that they are paying for the quality-of-service. Have you heard the saying “You get your Moneys worth”, think it that way.

If you are looking for a Personal Web Hosting Service for a Long-Term run, HostGator Hosting Company is among the best choice not only by me but also by many successful online Entrepreneurs.

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