How Effective Is Keyword high Domains?

How Effective Is Keyword high Domains?

Are keyword high domain names the relic of a deluded past or are they the last hidden pot of gold at the end of the ethernet rainbow? Let me put you out of your misery, they are not either effective nor have they ever been. Now we can stop being scared to start an internet business because we do not know how to obtain a good domain name. I am going to give you undisputed proof of this later in the article.

For years (since 1990) we have been told that the internet is the next stage of Communication evolution. That was true. We have also been told that the world was going to end at 12am on the 1st January 2000 because all computers were programmed (with without of foresight) to automatically use only the last two digits of a year. That was not true.

But it did not stop over 5 million people talking and stocking up for the super darkness when the connectivity of the internet became our enemy. nevertheless life went on.

I am not trying to say that your domain name has world ending consequence, I am saying that events are sometimes out of your control and you can not do anything about it except enjoy the ride.

Lets say the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came to you in 1996 to ask if Google was a meaningful information high domain name and if you think people will search for that information. What would you have said?

What about Yahoo, Altavista, MSN? None of them were in the English dictionary before 1990. I am not sure about you but I would have laughed at their goal and proceeded to tell them that they were dreaming if they thought that such words would make their sites noticable. Now Google is a noun and can be used as a verb in a normal sentence. My English teacher would have flipped if I used it in my final essay in 1996. Now it’s in the dictionary and its appropriate to use in academic phrases 5 years later.

Oh and by-the-way Google is worth billions, in the same period.

Its not about the keyword richness of your domain, its whether your website gives your customer unbelievable service and the domain is easily remembered if they see it on tv, You Tube, or newspaper.

So please start your business, give your customers great service or products and who knows? You might also write the English dictionary. You won’t know until you start.

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