How Family Can Help Your Recovery From Hip substitute

How Family Can Help Your Recovery From Hip substitute

There’s nothing like teamwork, and already better, the teamwork of family helping each other.  The fortune of having people around to help you during your recovery from hip substitute is priceless.  however, having people around isn’t enough if they don’t understand how they can be of assistance.  Before going into hip surgery, its a good idea to sit down with those in your household to discuss how they can personally contribute to your recovery success.

Children tend to be especially sensitive to loved ones going by a time of illness.  Most of the time, their little ideas of how to help someone feel better are more thoughtful and cute, than truly useful.  If there’s a “little doctor” in your home, inform them on the importance of helping you do things that may initially be too painful to do. 

Answering a ringing phone, placing an out of reach far away control within reach, and already announcing what time it is are all important responsibilities that your child can help with.  Having a child remind you of when to take your medication can be as simple as asking, “Can you remind mommy or daddy when it’s 3 o’clock.”  Often times, a child can be the happiest helper you’ll have.

A menu planner can be an assertive teenager’s job.  Teenagers can develop finicky eating habits, causing them to like one kind of food this day and an thoroughly different kind the next.  Sharing with your teen the dietary needs you’ll have after hip surgery is an excellent way to make sure that you’re eating right.  This is a chance for your teen to exercise some of that in- charge strength that they often enjoy.  Knowing that there is someone dedicated to making sure you’re eating the right foods is like having your own personal dietician.

Then, there’s the family member that possess this internal excursion to get moving.  This person can be one who is into sports or exercising; maybe they just seem to have more energy then the rest of the family.  The responsibility of this family member can be to help make sure you complete your daily hip substitute rehabilitation exercises.  Allow them to help motivate you to work on at-home rehab exercises; exercises that can be as fleeting as a stroll along the sidewalk, or as exerting as stair climbing. 

Whether your family is big or small in size, you can be sure that they all want you to feel better.  In a smaller family, a person may have to take on more than one role, but with everyone working together you can be back to your own independence in no time.

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