How to Be a Sunlight Source – Not an Energy Vampire

How to Be a Sunlight Source – Not an Energy Vampire

In your creative life, there’s a simple two step formula that’ll help you be more creative:

Step 1. Look at what’s working and do more of that.

Step 2. Look at what isn’t working and do less of that.

Of course there are more layers and nuances than that in reality, but this is the basic assumption that, combined with a willingness to learn and experiment, will see you on your way to reaching your complete creative possible.

Another way of looking at this is to consider those things in your life that bring your energy, happiness and inspiration, and those that drain your energy and slow you down.

We can call these two opposite elements Sunlight supplies and Energy Vampires.

Think for a moment about how many Sunlight supplies and Energy Vampires there are in your creative life.

Often these two elements are embodied in other people. Who do you know that you’d consider a Sunlight Source? Someone that supports and encourages their friends and colleagues. Someone who will always offer a positive information, who’s fun to be around, and is generous in their kindness towards others.

At the other end of the spectrum, who do you know that you’d call an Energy Vampire? Someone that wears you out just being in the same room as them, with their negativity and defeatist attitude. Someone who only ever complains and sees what’s wrong, and what’s missing.

Next, ask yourself honestly, how much you are like each of these two.

With your friends and colleagues, how positive and supportive are you? How selfless are you in your encouragement?

Maybe sometimes instead you look for people’s flaws and weaknesses? Are you ready to pounce and mock when someone makes a mistake and doesn’t do something quite perfectly?

You might be indignant at already the suggestion that you could be an Energy Vampire. But now think about what kind of friend your are to yourself.

In supporting and looking after yourself, in encouraging your own creativity and growth, are there times you sabotage your progress? Are there occasions when the only voices in your head are basic and damning, mocking what, why and how you create as foolish or selfish, or a waste of time?

We all have these Energy Vampire moments. But when the strange moment here and there becomes a complete time negative commentary, it’s time to put a stop to it.

The first step is to notice what’s happening. As you go about your creative activities, keep these two elements in mind – Sunlight Source and Energy Vampire – and keep asking yourself which you’re being.

It might shock you at how much of your own creative energy you’re draining without realising.

Awareness, remember, is the first step. Weed out the Energy Vampire starting today, and instead think only how you can be a Sunlight Source, and offer yourself the encouragement that’s going to allow you to be as creative as you know you can be.

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