How to clarify Bed Bugs – seeing Them Before They identify You

The phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is commonly heard throughout the country at night time. This saying takes on a more threatening tone when an individual has truly struggled to eliminate a population of bed bugs from his or her home. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of once they get a foothold in a person’s home. Since they can live not only in a person’s bed, but also in the joints of ceilings and walls and the fractures in furniture and textiles, exterminating them requires patience and perseverance. The meaningful to dealing with bed bugs is identifying them early.

Many people believe that bed bugs are all but impossible to see with the naked eye. In truth, adult bed bugs can reach up to 5 mm in length and 3 mm in width. They are reddish brown in color and oval in shape. Adult bed bugs truly bear a remarkable resemblance to cockroaches. In fact, they seem as though they could be a diminutive version of roaches. They satisfy by piercing an individual’s skin and sucking the blood out. Bed bug bites often resemble pimples and can develop into a rash or other allergic reaction.

Bed bugs are not thoroughly nocturnal but they are most active at night. This makes evening and early morning the best times to locate and clarify these insects. Although mature bed bugs can be easily identified, immature ones are harder to identify. Immature bed bugs are an almost translucent yellow in color. Bed bug eggs are almost impossible for the average homeowner to find or clarify. The best way to be rid of bed bug larva and eggs is to thoroughly vacuum any room where a person suspects they might be present. Once the area has been vacuumed, the vacuum bag should be disposed of closest away from the home.

Bed bugs are often confused with other small beetles and it is important to understand that these bugs do not have wings and they do not jump. Anyone suspecting that they may be facing a bed bug problem can buy specially designed traps which capture the bugs as they travel from the floor to the bed or which use a combination of heat and chemical lures. These traps are an excellent way to determine whether or not bed bugs are present in an area. If a person wakes up with strange bites or blemishes, it is a good idea to rule out the possibility of bed bugs in order to prevent costlier problems later.

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