How to Control No-See-Ums

How to Control No-See-Ums

No-see-ums or no-see-ems are easily one of the most bothersome pests on the planet.

When the weather is perfect and all you want to do is be outside – 72 degrees, warm breeze… You step outside and become immersed in the glory of character, and then BAM!

It feels like a small razor cutting into your flesh. Then another, then another. Your arms get bitten, then your legs and your scalp sets on fire. These bites closest start to itch as you bat away the cloud of dust that is in fact, a swarm of the tiniest, most brazen pests in search of your blood… it is the dreaded No-see-em!

There are ways to avoid No-see-ems.

• use a hat, long sleeves and tuck your pants legs into boots.
• Avoid dusk and dawn which are their favorite times to swarm.
• Avoid irrigated turf (athletic fields, golf courses, public parks and your own backyard) in addition as edges of the salt marsh.
• Stay inside and do not enjoy the perfect weather!

But these are not really solutions, they are avoidance techniques. It is possible you can find safe, Green, and all-natural pest control products that can control these biters. Be sure to use products that have clear instructions and DO NOT CONTAIN SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL PESTICIDES. You do not want these on your skin to begin with and they have been proven to be exceptionally ineffective with No-see-ems. (There are some large pesticide producers who claim that nothing can control them – Ha!)

Once you have located your safe, all-natural pest control product follow the directions for application. Likely you will be told to apply on all exposed skin as necessary. Make sure you have a product that is fine for use in and around hair because these biters particularly like burrowing in your hair.

If you want your complete character to be free of No-see-ums, then you will have to dig a little deeper to find options that treat your complete yard. Automatic pest control by your irrigation comes to mind so do the research and find the best solution for you.

Or you can treat your yard yourself using a backpack sprayer or hose-end sprayer. Be sure to find an environmentally safe product that will control the No-see-ems but not harm any advantageous creatures like honeybees and butterflies. A truly safe product can be administered along the edges of the salt marsh in addition so it can happen!

The meaningful to keeping No-see-ums away is to keep them from breeding anywhere near you. A personal pest control product creates a small bubble of protection and treating the yard creates a much bigger bubble of protection.

It is possible to one up these miniature monsters – you just want to be safe for yourself and the planet in the time of action.

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