How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally – Stay Ant-Free This Summer

Can anyone really say they like ants? Is there anyone not interested in how to get rid of ants in your house and garden? I hate ants. I particularly hate red ants. And they don’t much like me either. I nevertheless have scars on my ankles where I ran a strength lawn mower over a red ant hill which sprayed the little devils all over my sandals and ankles.

Maybe the only thing worse than ants invading your home are the commercial sprays and liquids obtainable to keep them out. Yes they can kill the ants but if you’re not careful you can do damage to yourself and your pets in addition. And if you’re using them outside you aren’t doing the ground water any favors either.

There are some functional preventive methods you can do to minimize the attractiveness of your home or garden to the little party crashers. Ants are looking for food and water. The idea is to deny them those treats and they will look in other places (your neighbor’s house perhaps). This method that you need to do a number of things.

First, get rid of trash as soon as you create it. If you have scraps from a meal take them outside and put them in the garbage can. Keep the garbage can away from the house. If you are one of those people who keep it in the garage for convenience you are just sending out an invitation for the ants.

In the summertime when the little guys are active, keep fresh fruit refrigerated and not laying out on the counter. Ants thrive on the sucrose found in fruit. Any food that you have on the counter should be in firmly sealed containers. I learned that a metal cake cover does not qualify as a firmly sealed container when I came home from a 2 day trip to find a line of ants running from the sliding glass doors, across the dining room, up a counter wall and into the chocolate cake.

Okay I was really tempted to buy some spray and nuke the little buggers. But you can make your own magic sauce and do it naturally. Mix a teaspoon of boric acid with 21/2 ounces of corn syrup and heat until the acid dissolves. Then using a dropper, put the stuff down on likely points of entry to the house.

If you don’t have boric acid handy, and the wind isn’t blowing real hard, you can unprotected to the same thing by sprinkling chili powder, paprika or borax on the ant trails. If you want to take the battle to where they live, boil three quarts of water and pour it down the ant hill. Hey, its you or them right.

So you don’t have to live with ants and there are natural nonchemical ways to send them on their way. Enjoy your summer without having to deal with uninvited guests.

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