How to Get Rid of Chiggers, Fleas and Ants

How to Get Rid of Chiggers, Fleas and Ants

Pest such as fleas, ants, mites and chiggers can make your house to a junkyard and its surroundings to disaster. This is one of the shared problems during the summer. These creatures not only infest your home and your pets but also it’s very dangerous. Some of these creatures can cause disease like skin problem, fever, vomiting and other serious health problems. Getting rid of fleas, ants, chiggers or other small creatures is not a difficult task.

Chiggers or Trombiculidae are microscopic reddish arachnids. They truly don’t bite animal skin or human skin, but instead they from a hole in the skin which is called astylostome and chew up some tiny parts of the inner skin which results in swelling and irritation. They thrive in moist and wet places and cannot be seen.

Keep lawn and landscaping neat and well trimmed. Get rid of standing water, which attracts them by ensuring proper drainage. Always continue a healthy lawn by spraying pesticides on grass and plants. They are difficult to destroy completely, consequently taking protection against them is necessary. use bug sprays and repellents when you go outdoors. Try to avoid overgrown shady areas. Use bug repellent candles and other products. When it bites, don’t scratch just use rubbing alcohol to area of infection. Try splashing cold water and always use repellents.

Fleas can multiply fast. Pets infested with them are shared in summer because as the heat picks up, fleas copy. Products that kill fleas at in stages of life, not only the adult ones are to be invested in. Adults in addition as eggs should be targeted while getting them of pets .If eggs are nevertheless left then they will come back. Treat pets with a strong treatment from a vet. You can kill by drying your pet and using a flea comb. Spray the places where fleas copy and pets hang out. Spraying with chemical spray or calling a fogger will definitely help. Clean rugs, carpets, beds with soap water. Soap water kills eggs, larvae and pupae. Vacuum every 2 days and don’t refrain from vacuuming upholstery, furniture, and floors. Make sure to dispose of vacuum bag in trashcan away from the house to prevent re-colonizing. When everything seems to be failing, get advice from an exterminator who has done similar infestation before.

Fleas are also known as Siphonaptera are wingless insects whose mouthparts are made for piercing skin and sucking blood of animals and human. These insects can multiply very fast and live in surrounding of your home. There are several fleas can be destroyed by products which are introduced in the market which not only kills the adult ones but also all stages of their life. These insect mostly targets your pets. In order to get rid of them from your pets both adults and eggs has to be targeted. Make sure that you take your pets to a vet for a strong treatment. Use a flea comb and finish with a drying. Clean carpets, beds, rugs with soap water. Soap water kills eggs, pupae and larvae. If all these attempts fail try to consult the experts.

A house free of pests and a healthy pet is what you want. In addition, infants, toddlers and already young children are safer in a house where special efforts are taken to get rid of these irksome pests.

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