How To Magnetize Listeners To Your Radio stop?

With the changing needs of the new generation, radio has been continuously transforming and evolving itself to sustain itself. traditional radio is now changing into interactive radio for the good. Radio listeners are no more satisfied with radio as one way entertainment medium. What they want today is active participation. In order to make this possible, the concept of interactive radio is getting popular. Interactive radio involves using technology to bridge the gap between radio and its listeners. Devices like mobile/phones and Internet system are widely used to increase listeners’ response rate and at the same time hike the profit graph of radio stations.

In order to attract or magnetize your listeners, radio stations must open avenues to interact with listeners and give them their due space so that they can come forward and express their likes and dislikes. A radio stop should air variety of programs to cater to the needs of different listener groups, such as housewives, professionals, teenagers, etc. Again people expect 24×7 programs on radios so that no matter when they want to listen, they should be able to do that and refresh themselves. So, non-stop programs are also the need of the hour.

What are the expectations of the new generation from the radio?

Music of choice: Present generation want to listen to their favorite numbers and latest songs. They love listening to songs by requests that could be either by SMS or phone. In the listening course of action if there are contests and attractive prizes, it will make the experience all the more interesting for them.

Active participation: In present scenario radio listeners want to interact and proportion their experience with other listeners. They love sending messages to their loved ones on radio on occasions like birthdays, festivals anniversaries, or other special occasions. Questions can be asked and listeners can be asked to answer them and express their opinions.

Update knowledge: People also need to be updated about the latest happenings and events to keep speed with life. Listeners also like informative and educational programs. consequently it is very important for a radio stop to strike a good balance between entertainment and knowledge.

Interactive radio is a win-win situation for all. It provides listeners satisfaction and allows radio stations increase revenues by promotional advertisements and other commercial campaigns. In order to manage listeners and program in a better way Listener Active a web-based system is a perfect choice. Many radio stations are already using it and reaping tremendous benefits of this rare system. Once radio stations install Listener Active System, managing and hosting song request programs, chat with DJs, contests and promotions, etc. all becomes easy and organized. Make your radio stop popular by magnetizing your listeners, broadcasters, and producers with Listener Active that is true to its name. For FREE trail, visit and take your radio stop to new heights.

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