How to Pass the ICC (S1) Bolting Code Examination

How to Pass the ICC (S1) Bolting Code Examination

Passing any kind of exam, easy or complicated, depends a lot upon your preparation. The cliché in sales is most applicable to exam taking where it says: If you work it hard, it will be easy. If you take it easy, it will be hard. After all, in any case questions the exam has, they are things that you are supposed to have already studied and learned. Needless to say, you have to be amply prepared in order to pass the ICC (S1) Bolting Code Exam.

Though the ICC does not require the examinee to have past experience in order to take the exam, it is nevertheless good to have at the minimum some experience to be able to understand what is discussed in your review materials. You can understand the code requirements better if you have actual experience doing the job. It is your functional sustain for the theory that is being discussed. What is being impressed here is that you have a better chance of passing the ICC (S1) Bolting Code exam if you have actual experience before taking it.

One good thing about this exam is that it is an open book exam most of the way. consequently if you are very familiar with the required codes used in the ICC (S1) Bolting Exam then you know where to start looking for them. In this regard you need to get keep up and study the correct materials referring to these bolting codes and standards. This will assist you in knowing the correct required codes and literatures to study and review to help you answer the questions during the exam.

In studying for the exam, devote more time to topics that have greater weighted average. for example, High-Strength Bolting has 44% of the total score, and Steel Framing Observation is weighted at 27%. The rest of the topics, General Requirements and Material Sampling, Testing and Verification combined are only 26% of the total score. In other words, you have to prioritize your study and review time according to the importance of the subject.

On the examination day itself, it will be good if you will be there on the examination site at the minimum 30 minutes before the scheduled start. You must have steady your nerves before the exam starts and rushing to get there will only disrupt your normal blood flow which your brain cells will surely need. Important instructions are given before the exam, such as the tutorial instructions before taking a computer-based exam. You really need these instructions in order that your answers will be right on track.

Another way to increase your chances of passing this exam is to sign-up for the ICC (S1) Bolting Exam course. This teaches and mentors the examinee about this particular examination. You will need this especially if you are new to the industry and/or its been a long time since you took your last exam. This course is good in uncommon your memory and testing you against mock exams. Taking practice exams will also help you control your nerves, a necessary skill in passing exams. Plus taking this course will have you prepared so that you can have a feel of whats going to happen on exam day.

Best of luck on the exam.

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